Thursday, December 18, 2008

'BEST'est tree in town

Everywhere is having Christmas display now. Which is your favourite?

Mid Valley ~ Cirque du Soleil inspired Christmas Circus?
The Gardens ~ Eden Christmas?
Pavilion ~ Super huge White Christmas tree?
KLCC ~ Same old same old giant Chritsmas tree?
One Utama ~ Alice in The Christmas-land?
Sunway Pyramid ~ Red Christmas?

Well, my favourite is the one in the pic.

Why? Why this one? What's so special about the tree? No dramatic display or extravaganza lighting?
It's special, because the tree is MINE. Standing proud at the corner of my living room. And the best things is, my name is on the tree too :) Nothing is as good as things that we are involved in.
Happy Christmas :)



  1. OK lorr your tree~~
    only once a year lorr~~

  2. Such a lovely tree. Nothing much more precious than something created by our own huh. Good effort dude.

  3. sk .. once a year... but how come i smell something sour geh? ;p lol

    keenyee .. agree. and it definitely brighten up my living room / life ( for now ;p )

  4. would definately put my pressie underneath a tree, if i got a tree...

  5. nice tree. i oso hav a 15cm tree on my desk. haha.. small but cute.

  6. ur tree is nice ~ it will be better if u put some lighting at the floor there~
    Actually i prefer the xmas design in ikano there....

  7. er....havent been to most of the shopping mall far i know One utama is all white color, sunway the entrance is like usual very bight and colorful, the rest unknown....wa...your house also got Christmas tree....very nice though...but i think the thing u hang on top is a bit over weight d...want to be different izzit?

  8. Merry Christmas ar GJ.. =)


  9. ur christmas tree??qiet nice....

  10. shinji & wayne .. keep on the spirit of xmas :)

    leumas .. i felt that Ikano's decor is the most FAKE one...just my thought la ;p

    ck .. thats my NAME on top of the tree... now u know that i am HEAVY..LOL

    AM .. same to u :)

    tom .. thanks ..;)

  11. hey, what happened to "I'll-help-u-to-decorate-ur-christmas-tree"??

    Haha.. nice Christmas tree. 6 days to Christmas. Can't wait..

    Merry Christmas, Danny =)

  12. got meh got meh?
    old ppl tend to be very forgetful la...
    merry christmas ;)


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