Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Today is the full dressed rehersal for the group of staff that i am teaching for their Annual Dinner performance. Everything went well, except for one thing. There is this one staff that is a bit disappointing. Not that he can't dance or perform. But i think the main problem is his attitude. Cos he is not good, yet never try to improve himself. He is not playing the main role in the performance, but definitely will affect the total presentation.

To the few that have dance basic, thank you for making my life easy. I saved a lot of energy dealing with you guys. You are just .. 天才。

To those that is not good in dancing but tried very hard to reach my expectation, i appreciate your hard work and patience. Don't worry about the performance. Just enjoy it. And for that effort, you guys are just the so called ... 地才。

And to YOU, i've given up on you. Keep doing what you are good in .... be a super 廢才。



  1. 我是個蠢才, 不是個人材, 跳舞時候整天都拗材, 老師如果可以把我教到變天才, 那肯定會發大財, 不用一世當奴才..

  2. Definitely agreed with you. We'll never know out hidden talent if we never try. But dancing, maybe I'm the stupid one. hehe

  3. effort is far more important than anything else.

  4. "如過不試就永遠上不了台" ...
    I totally agree with u !!!!!
    U never know if u never try ~

  5. sk .. come la come la... i train u, cos i want to be rich...hehehe

    keenyee ..can't dance? dun worry..i'm here...belum cuba belum tahu, sekali cuba tiap tiap hari mahu...lol

    wayne .. thats y i appreciate their effort ;)

    leumas .. nothing is more important than taking the first step...

  6. Just hope that the attitute guy will wake up someday and know wat is best for him... cos attitute can get you no where.....

  7. Hehe, sounded cheeky ler. U susah nanti if I tiap2 hari mau.

  8. vel .. up to him le.. as log as i know they are going to pay me ...:)

    keenyee .. let your horse come..hahaha

  9. 天生我材必有用
    跳舞? 下次show卑你睇

  10. i sure know u can dance....
    everyone is a superstar :)


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