Monday, December 15, 2008

They like to move it move it

I've been online at the cyber cafe due to the internet problem for the past few days. And when i told me friends about it, they all laughed at me. Cos to them, cyber cafe is a seafood junction. I have to agree with them. Cos i was surrounded by high cholestrol creatures all the time when i online there.

But luckily the cafe that i go is quite clean and no one is smoking inside. And most of them are Chinese. At least not very DARK~ hihihihi.

But i can't help but to look at them while browsing the web. Cos something caught my attention. Their fingers are really FAST. It was like non stop typing all the time. Not sure what kind of game they are playing. But it was nice to listen to the sound of typing keyboard in a super speed beat. And very rythmic as well. Weird, but very relaxing to me...;)

Maybe i should learn from them on that skill. Then can apply on my job. Super speed fingers...

SEAFOODS, i salute you ;)

They like to move it move it... real fast !!!


  1. those who play msn or previously ICQ can always type fast~ damn fast

  2. i'm not impressed by their speed on the keyboard doing typing, because i'm good at that too.. but i'm f**king jaw-dropping impressed by their speed on handphones keypad doing SMS!! holy jesus~~

  3. Hehe, seafood? Octopus? Guess I'm not a seafood then. Comparing with my coll, my typing speed is damn slow.

  4. leumas .. its hows that i'm not an active MSNer ;p

    sk .. dun show off ;p i can sms quite fast too,,lol

    keenyee .. i only know 'one finger' ( yat ji san gung )

  5. that siao lang in the picture looks like u la.. haha...

  6. how dare you say like that..
    cos i am much WORSE than that ...hahahaah

  7. Kaka, one finger? Then I'm more seafood than you de.

  8. meaning ur fingers are more flexi rite?
    hmm.. what else u can do with fast fingers....LOL


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