Tuesday, March 17, 2009

F*ck You Very Much :)

( Those who are under 18, please go away...shooooooooo !!! This entry is no good for you. )

Thanks to my hairstylist, Arwin, who introduced her to me. Who? Her ~ Lily Allen, a young and upcoming singer from UK. The main thing that attracted me is the way she sings. Not to forget the lyrics, which is so fun yet real.

Here's 2 clips of from her latest album. MUST listen... dun pretend just browse and then leave comment ok? ;p

Song 1 : F*ck You
There's so many way to express your feelings by saying the "F" word. And i'm definitely loving her way ....犯賤。原來咒人也可以這麼的調皮。哈哈。從此以後,"F*ck You" 變得無比的可愛。Going to use this song to teach in the class... wonder if the members can take it or not..

Song 2 : The Fear
I am very positive that the song is al about me ..
Part of the lyrics..

"Forget about guns and forget ammunition
Cause I’m killing them all on my own little mission
Now I’m not a saint but I’m not a sinner
Now everything's cool as long as I’m getting thinner"



  1. oooh, i am pretty sure all your 姐姐 members would be very HIGH dancing with this song!! sure they feel rejuvenated lor, hahaha~~ :p

  2. wow~ love this...so cool
    but really have to become thinner 1st? :( hard mission for me

  3. im 19 already,so can c adi...

  4. sk .. finish la.. they will ask me to do it again and again...lol

    leumas .. we r in the same mission....

    tom .. nothing to c oso la...lol

  5. me nt yet birthday ler
    under 18

  6. oh....its the name of songs...
    thought you are so rude to f*** at here...haha

  7. alive .. wah, u really so good meh? really din watch ah?

    ryan .. saya ada belajar one la.. won;t simply f anywhere...lol

  8. omg, it's not proper to use profanities in public places....


  9. terence .. u dun pretend so goo boi... go stand one side ;p

  10. I like the "F**k you" song better wo...."F**k u, F**k u very very much...." Haha. I shall learn this, a polite way to scold ppl.

  11. keenyee .. ur loved ones will be drooling if u sing this song....hahahahah ;p

  12. shin .. of cos la.. see who introduce one lol ;p

  13. wow my bro love her songs so much recently..haha she is so unique @@!

  14. Flo .. yup she is really unique... and your bro got good taste ...lol


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