Saturday, March 21, 2009

To fart or not to fart

Do you fart in front of your loved one?
Are you too scared to show the real you in front of him/her?
Or are you worried that he/she will tease you for the rest of your life?

I think all that matters here is the 'FACE DOWN' phase.
What? There's phases for farting?

Now, if you accidentally farted once, he/she might take the advantage to tease you. But if you willing to put down your 'FACE' and do that few more times in the future, he/she will have no reason to tease you anymore. There, your solution to run away from the fear of being teased.

Sometimes you just have to get yourself dirty in order to get the job done. No pain, no gain.

祝 :放屁愉快

Ampun maaf kepada sesiapa yang berasa tersinggung.... dalam dan luar...;p


  1. and there i was wondering whaaat was it that got you to write about farting. lol

    i hve friends who actually just say, 'i'm going to fart now.' like 5 seconds before he really did it. we just sort of laugh ourself away.

    it's not really that embarassing lor

  2. 很丢脸咯。我不敢。我觉得还是保持一点形象比较好。

  3. In front of the loved 1? Kinda paiseh wo. Maybe won't do this for the 1st few months la. Once get comfortable, should be ok lo.

  4. it's a true story of my friend, trying to hold fart in front of the lover....

    medie .. u so lucky, cos my friend will only inform us once he have farted...;p

    karen .. me too me too.. 過不了自己那關。哈哈。

    keenyee .. kesian your darling... you can buy an oxygen mask as the 1st anniversary

  5. 会跑去厕所放,肯定不会在她的面前放。如果不小心放了,也不承认。哈哈。

  6. karen .. see? mr teh will never admit that he (搞破壞-ing )
    hhahhaah...just joking ok? u 2 lovey dovey ;p

  7. hahaha. cute wat. :P

    it's like,

    Everyone: Goodness what's that smell?
    Farted one: Erm well I might have passed some gas.


    tho i would actually told him off and ask him to give us the 'warning' first. lol

  8. medie .. ya la.. we should actually acknowledge the one who farted cos.. better late than never , rite? lol

  9. fart only ma.... put my ass in front of my lover's face then fart also can.... wakaka XD like small kids playing around.... but it's kinda disgusting la. better don do so... just fart only lor. try to do it without sound, if accidentally make sound then just say excuse me lor... haha ^^

    祝:farting愉快2 =P

  10. 面对比逃避好。。

  11. its a matter of respect...i dun think its good to fart in front of anybody except ur ownself...u will never knw whether the aire tat u farted out smell good or not...

  12. keiron .. luckily i dun have such 'childhood' memory...;p

    wayne .. 說到要做到噢。哈哈。pity ur darling....

    leumas .. some call it respect, some call it fun ...;p

  13. haha, interesting topic.. well if want to fart then just fart lor.. in fact can also fart one after another too, that's something fun maa.. this is called 不拘小節, but of course not in public laa, hahahaha :D

  14. 沒想到你們倆是玩醬放的人。以後我會離你們遠一點。哈哈。


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