Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I normally share or complain things to my close friend. From work, life to anything that bothers me. And whenever i finished my complaints, he will just look at me with his very cold face. And came back to me with the same conclusion ~ YOU ARE FRAMED!


Yes, i think i am basically framed.
I set too many restrictions in whatever i do.
So that i will get the best result.
I care too much on how people looked at me.
So i tried very hard to be the one that they liked.
I am a very kaisu and kiasi person.
So i set targets too high that it's actually dragging me down.

I am trying very hard to let go on all the restrictions and stupid ego. I know i'll have to run through that huge wall in front of me. It won't be easy and it might take some times. But i think it's time for me to do the right thing. At least this time, i set the CORRECT target for myself, i guess....

正在努力的過那最難的一關 ~ 自己。


  1. shit danny~ seems like both of us are having the same problems...
    but i dun think framed up ourselves is not a good things...

    we've to set some restrictions in certain things so tat we'll not loss our personality ...
    but some we can reduced it so tat we'll get a better relationship/results...

    bro, i really need to call u out sometime for drinks...long time didnt see u dy

  2. 要战胜自己不容易啊。对自己有要求才会做到最好,但不能给自己太多压力。

  3. It's always tough not to care how people look at ourselves lor. We are living in the society, where we couldn't control what others said. Anyhow, it's never late for you to realize this. I'm fully supporting you lor!!!

  4. 是这样吗?!感觉不会啊!我想,你只不过较用心做好每一件事而已呱~~

  5. hmmm interesting topic that was.. but it's not easy to change a person, especially yourself with those characteristics that were already implanted into your personality since birth.. perhaps try to think in another angle, it sometimes help you to realised that what you have been doing is actually having nothing wrong :)

  6. 你系咪谂太多咗? 朋友,人生得意衰尽欢。

  7. 框框,其实是自己给自己框上的



  8. Aha.. u memang frame... by me.. lol~ Setting target in your life is good. set it first and achieve it first.. then starting to increase the frequency of chasing your dreams once more. I learn in my working that target are set to achieve, but not to over achieve.

    Btw, Camwhoring with your mac eh.. lol~

  9. overly restricting ourselves could be bad. however, think this way, restrictions could help in self discipline, such as diet. otherwise, how ppl gonna say u r slim? haha..

  10. leumas .. m looking for a balance on doing things

    karen .. maybe i'm a Virgo guarr... so a bit yimchim la...

    keenyee .. a lot of ppl support me spiritually liao... can u support financially ah?.. ribuan terima kasih ;p

    yee .. face ppl laugh, back ppl sad... another talent of mine :)

    sk .. got it. i am who i am.... but i'm trying to b a better person la :)

  11. chris .. sometimes i envy those who can be so relax with whatever they do...

    董百勤 .. m trying to break the curse ... lol

    ian .. frame me? i like hairline alluminium ok? hahah...yup, using mac lo :)

    wayne .. why u purposely bring up the discipline in diet?....pantang la..

  12. Banyak betul request. Tell me a figure and give me ur account no. Keke.

  13. the same for libra here...that's why must let ourselves go sometimes. i am trying to jump out from the frame and do my life better too! :)

  14. it's good to set the target high so you can do the best of yours...
    but as i think, that would be tiring...some time you need a rest....such as loose abit the target so you wont be exhaust...
    and of course you must know you really can do it else, dont forcing yourself too hard till you hurt yourself ;)

  15. keenyee .. huh! another BIG statement from u worr.. Mr ' Say Say No Do" ;p

    athena .. good luck breaking your imported frame

    wai .. ya lo.. learning to balance up things won;t be easy, buy m trying lo..

  16. 学学我吧,找个时间让自己懒一下,什么都不做,不去想!

  17. 阿凯 .. i'm a very complicated person...很多東西要做,但我無時無刻都在懶。哈哈。

  18. with time i'm sure u'll grow. :D

  19. bong .. no need to wait... i'm always growing...sideways :(


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