Tuesday, May 25, 2010

She is ...

She is a woman ( 廢話 ! ), but she is more macho than you.
She is tall and big size, and only wears shirts and pants.
She is straight, not lesbian or tomboy... ( she likes Jude Law )
She is your ex manager and close friend.
She is someone you respect and look for when you need advise.
She is serious but can be very fun to be with, when the frequency is right.

Now, you are going to her birthday dinner this Saturday.
What will you buy???
( nothing dirty okay? ;p )

( NOTE : This is not her pic. )

Me complaining/ joking with another friend that is going :


  1. female perfume. so tat amidst the butch-iness, she can still smell feminine. LMAO.

  2. she is wearing a nice necklace, this shows that she is into pretty jewelery.

  3. agree with Bong, how about Gucci's Envy or YSL's Opium or chanel No.5 perhaps...

  4. Somehow, i think she'll look good puffing cigars!
    But i think buying her some feminine stuff would be great. She'll look great with some bright lipstick on her. ;)

  5. 染发素。。。一定没人买的。哈哈!

  6. Wrap yourself up... :p
    And say "Surprise!"

  7. 送条围巾好了
    男的女的都可以用 她应该会更适合 =)

  8. how about something unisex?

    cd, electrical item, books?

  9. get something long, vibrat-able and can be turned ON and OFF? Oh i so dunno what that is. xD

    buying something for danny gaga is not easy too, 老不老,嫩不嫩的。

  10. 墨镜,手表,香水。。。

  11. bong .. i dun even know if she prefer perfume or cologne .. how to buy lehh?

    nana .. tot of buying her a pair of cuff links ..

    paul .. all of them are very 'cha bor' smell one horr? very feminine indeed.. i oso tak boleh tahan la..

  12. ant .. she did joined our company's grooming course for female colleagues .. n she look absolutely FUNNY with make up on her face..LOL

    william .. meaning? sports car? iphone? or hot babes? ;p

    single .. no la.. she prefer her hair that way..

  13. tz .. if i want to end up kena slap.. i'll do that lo... ;p

    anthony .. that one oso another problem .. dunno wether to buy masculine motif or feminine color...

    l .. m thinking the same.. but she is working as a merchandiser in a book store.. scared later buy the things that she already have...

  14. alan .. u wait for 17 june ya.. see what will happen la ;p

    sleepypig .. if i buy too cheap one not nice... n nice one not cheap.. no money lerr...

  15. NO!!! ngo jip sau mm dou lorrr....

  16. alan .. like i care....;p


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