Monday, May 31, 2010

What can i do ?

A question thats has been asked thousands of times :

" What is your plan when you are too old to teach class. What you want to do? "

I don't know. What other choices do i have?
Dance is my passion, and probably something that would like to do even when i am old. Of cos there's another option for me .. Visual Merchandising. But besides that, i really don't know what i am capable of. I am not good in communicating ... so i cannot do direct-selling or insurance stuff. I do not look friendly ... so i don't think i'll do well in retailing. I got my own attitude problem .. and a bit difficult for me to work with others. ( that's why i love my job now ... freelancing )

After attended a few gathering last week, i started to think about the future ... more. Do you know any professions that require less brain, less socializing but still can make money? I am referring to CLEAN money only. ;p

Do you think that what you are doing now would be your lifetime career?


  1. Danny : 以前和我一起唱歌的朋友,有些现在教学生,有些还在唱, 但是谁想看老家伙唱歌?除了比赛。
    还有一位以前伴舞的,现在改行开mini market. 他有很多跳舞朋友在吉隆坡都说现在找吃艰难,很难接到show.

  2. I m scared also..
    I dont want to be an insurance agent...

  3. Try to save as much money as you can, then buy property, rent it to others. It's passive income lo. :)

    Or, learn something new la. Maybe wanna consider to serve the society? Voluntary work? Erm.... Depends though.

    But if you plan well, and think that you'll have enough money after retirement, then don't do anything la.

  4. Be your own boss........=)
    then u can hired me..=)

  5. Setting up your own dance school would be great! Time to lay the foundation now, to entice and obtain a loyal following. ;)

  6. yeah. setting up ur own dance school would do. since u like to dance and all. plus, you could always apply your visual merchandising to ur OWN shop. :P

  7. maybe u can try the management in gym? coz u have experience in teaching classes... should not be a problem...

    Or maybe a fashion consultant? but i doubt u will get the job... hahaha~ coz u banner is so salah~ "the vogue" cover :P

  8. How about you be a wedding planner?.. i think you can do well...

  9. i don have career at the moment la
    but then my potential career as a result of my uni path currently may not be the one that i will do for the rest of my life :p

  10. Obviously my current job is not the ideal lifetime career. I want the job that I really love to do and can make good money. Am working on some options now. So wish me luck!

    And if you find this job require less brain, less socializing but still can make lots of clean money, please let me know. Strongly interested! Hahaha!

  11. william .. u know.. things that i can write in the income tax form ;p..

    single .. ya lo.. as u said, who wants to see and old ass dancing wor... must think think liao .(

    emo .. meaning u r now an agent? .. luckily u dun hv my ;p

  12. freedom .. i must work one la.. feel unproductive and useless if i retire too ;p

    keo .. i'm already my own boss .. but still can;t afford to hire anyone...;p

    ant .. i know my level .. not good enough to open my own dance school la..

  13. bong .. not easy la.. especially to recruit students.. vm like how? dif studio dif mood?

    l . cannot la.. u need to teach at least 3 dif programe in order to be in the GX management ..

    sherry .. u want to be my 1st client? ;p

  14. anthony .. totally agree.. cos what i'm doing now has nothing to do with what i learned.. extra knowledge lo :)

    kristen .. take a number pls.. ;p gd luck


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