Sunday, May 16, 2010

You like ?

Nah! Some of the pictures from my trip ( mainly from Santorini, Greece ). I think that some of them can be potential postcard materials. So proud and syok sendiri. *

1. Ada cantik?
( Evening at the famous Aegean Sea ( 愛琴海 ), on the cruise ship to Santorini Island. Looks like watercolor painting, kan? )

2. Ada cantik?
( Reached Santorini at 4am ... witnessed the sunrise, and also the half moon. )

3. Ada cantik?
( Early morning at Santorini, facing Aegean Sea. )

4. Ada cantik?
( A view from our hotel room's window. Do you want to wake up to it every morning? )

5. Sungguh CANTIK sama sekali.
( NOTE : This is not a question. ;p )

6. Ada cantik?
( Hill top view at Santorini, with the roof of a typical Greek island church. )

7. Ada cantik?
( Sunset at Santorini. Some might find it romantic, but i don't. Cos i'm NOT a sunset person ... i prefer sunrise. )

* all pictures posted were shot using my 'old fashion' digital camera. no touch up were done on any of these pictures. ah-may-zeeng kan? lol ;p

Nothing much to write, still having mind-block.
Did 4 classes on Friday and Saturday with a totally BLURR mind.
Felt so sorry to the members. ;(


  1. cantiknya~~~
    most like 2 & 3 pic.
    pic no.5 you look so tired.

  2. I LOVE GREECE!!!!

    never take me there...!

  3. So serene. Wonderful pics.

  4. like no 5 (this cantik sampai tak boleh complaint ;p) and no .7 very gud.. post more ya

  5. i like, of course i like, sungguh cantik sekali.. orang dengan scenery semua pun cantik cantik belaka~~

  6. ade cantik, banyak cantiknya...:P

  7. sungguh cantik ...!
    tapi, kasihan tuan itu, nampaknya letih betul .....

  8. all of them are perfecto except for... the AmpangNTM one, like beh kun like that, so so sama sekali. HAHAHAH~

  9. wah... postcard #5 sungguh teramat dan tercantik lor. :D why didn't print out and send to us as postcard? :D hadiah kenang kenangan mar. hahahaha

    eh, i love the new song! mizz nina is malaysian isit?

  10. chantikk sekali!!! ehh....i plan to go greece..can ask your advice jor next time!

  11. Abang Danny, TOLONG jangan print #5 as postcard ya. Nanti orang pengsan. :P You look fat, unshaved and just wake up lo! LOL.

    I balik Sabah next week lo, nak bagi souvenir bagi this week ya. :P

  12. pic 5 look so salah~ hahaha :P

    but anyway, the scenery in Greece is always so attractive and breath-taking...

  13. sleepy .. my fav is #2 :) yup.. i was super tired ;(

    eric .. i onli like Santorini & Mykonos.. not Athens... cant bring u la.. u busy team teaching maa...:)

    william .. yup.. but it will be nicer if we see it with our own eyes.. with the sound n weather....:))

  14. yee .. kamsia... so u r a romantic sunset person.. issit? ;p

    sk .. tqtq.. hardly hear u complement me la... not used to it yet.. not my birthday yet ;p

    thomas .. this is just a small part of it.. u hv to experience it to know the real beauty of it :)

  15. single .. tak cukup tidur is like that one la.. nvm la.. un-vogue once a while is ok geh..;p

    alan .. we reached there at 4am.. n din really sleep the night b4.. u say la.. that face is consider very good ;p

    bong .. i'll print it in poster size, just for u... u really got good taste.. i LOVE this song as well.. gng to use it for my class soon.. yup, she's a Malaysian :)

  16. paul .. really? come ask come ask.. can share a bit geh.. although i'm not the one who planned the

    freedom .. u tak nak ada orang nak ;p.. gng back? finish intern liao?

    l .. salah is the new yup, shld go there at least once to see the beautiful sceneries :)

  17. Greece hou leng ah... i'll go one day :) i'm wondering the cola can is as beautiful as the place?.. haha..

  18. sherry .. u'll know when u get it ;p.. yes.. should go visit Greece, esp the islands.. not so much on Athens

  19. Wah, semua pun sangat cantik. Tengok gambar saja sudah rasa sangat mau pergi situ.

  20. mr teh .. why just 'rasa' when u can really go.. mark a date.. n just bring karen there for holidays la :))

  21. abang!!! manyak-manyak cantik sekali!!! my lovely 爱琴海,哈哈~

  22. jenice .. what u mean 'your' aegean sea? ;p

  23. Not bad ah, the angle you took these photos... 不愧是我学弟!!! Muahahaha!

  24. kristen .. make one big round a bout to praise urself... no wonder u r my senior ;p

  25. Me also a sunrise people... have hope mah :p)

  26. kristen .. now u know why we kinda have the same channel hor? ;p c u friday :)

  27. ARH!!!!
    Aegean Sea!


    wanted to go so much!


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