Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The DAY you arrived ...

It's about birthdays...
Do you think that 'birth date' plays a very important part in you?

For example :
My closest friend's birthday is on 15/8 .. and he got BIG butt
Another friend's birthday is on 31/10 .. and memang her perangai macam hantu ;p

Mine? 13/9 ... and it was on Friday the Thirteen ( 黑色星期五 ) ..
And i have to say that .. i am Devilicious ;p
鬼甘靚,鬼甘正,鬼甘潑辣,鬼甘臭皮氣,鬼甘'yim jim' ...

Do you think that what are you today ( your look and attitude ) got anything to do with your birthday?
( and i'm not referring to the horoscope sign, ok? ;p )


  1. Yes i do believe. All born on 24/9 are oozing with sweetness! lolz

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  3. I did a quick check and found a fair number of divorces on the 9th of October! Oh no!

  4. mine on 17th June (coming soon lah wei, *hint hint*), and i once heard from a teacher that those born on 17th is the last round in reincarnation.. oooh, so what i'm gonna be in my next life?? vapourise and vanish already..

  5. dunno ler. 234. nice number not? :P

  6. mine 6th May, today 2nd prize 6655, but no buy lo....

  7. 鬼甘38啊!哈哈哈哈,我们同月同日的厚?但是我不是星期五啦。。。我们那里像啊?一样靓仔瓜?哈哈哈哈呵,不知丑到飞咯我!

  8. huh....i'm 9th of June.,...and what does that mean? >.<

  9. er...
    if say so, this could be prob to me... Labour day - A labour forever? @@

  10. mine is 5/9... dun knw leh~ :(

  11. mine is colleague is 29/02

  12. mine = 27th June
    i hav same birthday as 梁朝伟。
    i think we share the same good taste, good looking, good attitude. =P
    n i hope i have good career, satisfy bank acc balance $$, nice spouse & wonderful life like him.. ^^
    oh yah.. n we both r family person too..

  13. Mine is 8 March, so is 38. Am I 38???
    Actually whole birthday is 8383. nice number ler

  14. ant .. sweetness? beware of diabetes ;p

    william .. isn't it thats y u will never get married.. i mean the actual marriage ;p

    sk .. i know i know lah.. its in my organizer ;p
    no need to reborn ma.. can terus 升仙 ;p

  15. bong .. 234 huh? maybe ur life is very much in order.. after that got 5, then 6, ;p

    single .. if u want to buy nombor.. dun tell me.. cos i'll bring suei to u ;p

    freedom .. we different year ma.. ma very much different .. in everything lo...;p

  16. keo .. how i know? i ask for reason.. u ppl just give me date ;p

    anthony .. think from the better angle.. ur birthday is always a public holiday.. u can countdown the night before and party till morning..then sleep whole day ;p

    l .. another one.. just give date.. ;p

  17. reanaclaire .. err.. meaning.. welcome btw :)

    eunice .. u banyak pandai relate things horr? tony leong konon.. anyway, wish u dreams come true la :)

    nana .. 3rd MArch? Women's Day? so, do u feel like more than a woman? lol ;p


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