Thursday, May 13, 2010

drum roll please .....

Your Highness is BACK ...

( Pic taken @ Santorini, Greece )

... and He is TIRED and FAT !!!

p/s : let me reorganise everything then only share with you guys ya :)
pp/s: glad to be home ... craving for nasi lemak and sup tom yam now...:)~


  1. Welcome back, can go shake shake again. The curse worked?

  2. Can't wait for the pics!

  3. seemed like forever that u went MIA. now that u're back, when belanja makan? wakakakakak

  4. 终于‘凯旋归来’了hor?

  5. so nice can go greece ... hey i'm leaving for business trip :p

  6. Wow, Greece!
    Loved santorini as well, dun mind retiring there. :)
    Did you make it to Mykonos Island as well? ;)

  7. hey... life is dull without ur bitch-ness.. haha.. ^^

  8. can't wait to hear your greece stories. =)

  9. 期待接下来的更新 XD

  10. nana .. thanks.. i think the word ' can go' is not suitable.. should be ' MUST GO!!! ' ...;)

    ian .. tenkiu veli mac :)

    william .. will do.. but onli selected ones la.. cos dun want to bored u guys with too many pictures .... with MOI in ;p

  11. bong .. 2 weeks onli ma.. when free? i oso long time din see u guys liao... :)

    alan .. yes yes yes .. and i think i did Malaysia or to be exact ~ AMPANG

    tz .. enjoy ur trip then :))

  12. single .. yes, i am back.. n very fat...;(

    ant .. yup, when both Santorini n Mykonos.. a bit shock to know that now u post ur comment with ur pic :)

    l .. now when did i treat u like a slave huh? dun call me master.. ' Danny' will do..;p

  13. eunice .. got so serious meh? yerr.. u really know how to make me happy n floating in the;p

    D .. errr.. not a good story teller here... but will try la.. of cos, with my bitchy style..:)

    anthony .. err.. hope that it will satisfied u :)

    yee .. kamsia :)


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