Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hello gor gor ...

I have to admit that i am not good in handling kids. I just don't have that kind of patience to layan them.

I was queuing at the cashier counter to pay my bill. In front of me was a couple with a small kid ( less than 1 year old, i think ). And this little boy kept turning to look at me ... smile and wave.

1st time he did that, i smiled to him and waved my hand.
2nd time he did that, i just smiled.
After that, i just ignore him whenever he turned to me. Cos i got no more mood to layan him anymore. I just turned and look away. The bapak pun satu, kept saying " say hello to gorgor " when i already looked away. In my heart i was like :

" OK, i know you are cute and i am attractive (;p), but come on kid, move on... get a life! " ;p

I am really so the devilish kan?
Maybe i should do a movie .. 'The devil wears BATA. '
Anyone interested to invest?

BTW, are you good with kids?

My soon to be 3 month-old niece. Ada cute?


  1. yerr..... ur niece super duper cute la..
    am good with kids for 1 hour maybe.. after tat, sry la.. haha
    now my mum help to jaga my niece too... walau.. beh tahan her lo..

    btw, do u know why kids like barney so much??
    because they both r monster.. wahaha=D

  2. haha...
    really cuteeeeeeeee~

  3. haha, you are better than me, at least you trying to entertain him two times.. for me, one time is enough and i'll look away pretending to be ignorant after that..

    but one thing you should feel happy lah.. you were being addressed as "gor gor" and not "uncle" ok~~

  4. 我本身对于乖小孩是还蛮有耐心的(还像是废话,哈哈~),但是我看到一些小孩子做出某一些事情是会让我完完全全ANTI他的。比如:我曾经看过我的小表妹很粗鲁的对待她的西施狗!!!

    我看了之后,真的是完完全全的对她大扣分,扣到negative!虽然我知道她只不过是个小孩子,不懂事。但是……o(︶︿︶)o 唉


  5. The baby should have burped milk on you! :P

  6. if the daddy say "say hello to jie jie" then u must be very happy lo~ lolz~

  7. i have very short kids attention span.. like 1 hour the most.. lol.. after that, i'll yawn and aahhh forget it lol...

    read: KIDS, wihich incldes babies, toddles, children below 12 and tweens..

    different case with teens :)

  8. baiqin .. kamsia kamsia.. mayb i should learn from her.. how to make my mouth looks ;p

    eunice .. welcome to the bitch club ;p.. luckily i think the monsters at my home is not a fans of barney.. i think la... ;p

    alive .. tqtq .. she looks even cuter when she about to sleep.. ;p

  9. sk .. really tak sangka horr.. u look so friendly.. i dun mind ppl call me uncle geh.. trying to get used to it :)

    choocolate .. poor kid.. got rating chart yup, she is very active as well :)

    ant .. if she did.. then tahts it la.. i wont touch her anymore.. maybe good news for her horr? lol ;p

  10. l .. then i'll sayang the kid more.. cos he is BLIND .. kesian nyerr...;p

    eric .. got different category of kids one ahh? but dun be 'too good' with teens wo.. still under age okay? ;p

  11. I agree with [SK], thank your lucky stars not "Hello Uncle!". Kids are fun to play with as long as they don't get all cranky and orh si, orh liew. :P

  12. Danny....ur niece is so comel lei.......
    me also like takashi...1 hour enough...then i lari from them..kesian my niece and nephew....but after that they kacau me back....kesian me.... welcome back dude.... any more vogue pick to post? or still in Holiday syndrome.........
    nick (

  13. DANNY哥哥, 开心啦不叫你 UNCLE!!

  14. william .. agree agree.. once they start to cry.. u'll see me stand far far away ;p

    nasrul .. i prefer to share experience than pics lo.. totally back to WORKING MODE liao.. :)

    single .. ok ma.. call me uncle.. i dun mind :)

  15. i am good handling kids... I have a 2 years old little brother... :P

  16. kokhua .. thats ur brother.. so 'technically' ... u HAVE ;p

  17. Your niece is cute. I'm pretty good and patience when it comes to kid. A good "gor gor" I could be.

  18. ky .. good gor gor horrr? a bit tak boleh imagine la.. lol..


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