Monday, May 24, 2010

Today is a GOOD day !

Am very happy and satisfied, cos i felt really productive today. It started a bit slow, but slowly the good things flew in one by one... :)

... 1st of all, i finally managed to set a meeting with one of my important client, after being postponed for few weeks

... then, one of my 'long lost' client ( big client, fyi ) called me. they finally decided to use my service again, cos they failed to do the window display themselves ( according to the manager lah ;p.. i have to say that i am very happy cos they failed.. so salah kan? but who cares...;p )

... i supposed to dismantle a window sticker for another client at 1U, but the staff pandai-pandai go and dismantle himself last night. so i don;t need to do liao lo.. save energy ;)

... since i got extra time ( cos no need to dismantle window ), i went to McD for my favorite meal .. Double Cheese burger.. yummy :)~

... got the confirmation notice from another client. i am now officially their choreographer for the opening dance for their charity dinner ( i am really looking forward to this one )

... lastly, the attendance for the 2 classes today was better than what i expected. dance out loud and sweat a lot .. so syokkk :)

Maybe it's not as 'dramatic' as you expected, but i just so happy.

I love TODAY, how about you?


  1. People say that good things come in pairs... your's seems to come in chains!

  2. 正所謂好事連連,心情都特別靚.
    今日對我來講,普普通通囉,唯一特別的就是收到一位‘尊貴’人物的private invitation... 都幾開心gah.. 哈哈!!

  3. I love today too!! And I screwed up right in front of the headteacher!! Lolx...

  4. 你就好啦, 爽到飞起!

  5. that';s you jumping in the pic?

  6. A positive good read in the morning. Thanks! ;)

  7. glad to see that...... hv a great day danny.....
    where u normally go gym? FF maxis ke?

  8. ei, seems like everybody had a good monday including me..
    good till i tot i was dreaming.. haha..

    anyway, let's the good day continue till happiness overflowww... =D

  9. good lo~ then must belanja makan la~

  10. william .. i think so.. and i'm hoping that the chain will continue from now onwards :))

    kaishin .. really ahh? got so happy meh? btw, the VIP might change a bit of plan.. will update u once its confirmed :)

    eric .. head teacher? nvm la.. then he can see you from wrong to right.. issit it a good thing ? :)) add oil

  11. Today is quiet ok ,I just stick my eyes to the monitor, movie and movue ,even though 2molo got exam... oops

  12. single .. no la.. no flying la.. just kept smiling alone ;p

    bong .. no wor.. i just jumped in my heart.. wanna see? lol ;p

    anthony .. that is a very good attitude.. all of us should try that :))

  13. ant .. i dun mind blog more about good things.. if it keep happen to me :))

    nasrul .. i go truefit, celeb fit, chi fit and sports toto fit.. but not FF :P ehh.. u banyak identity horr? kept changing one ;p

    eunice .. of cos ur day is good.. cos i chatted with u the night b4...LOL ;p

  14. l .. do i know u? u know la..old ppl no good ;p

    baiqin .. another way to relax urself b4 the exams.. good luck tmr :)

  15. charity sister's company is planning the charity dinner now and hire a choreographer also,she just suspect the choreographer is Mr.Danny!!!OMG,she said she wan start join the class by next week to find out izzit the choreographer is the BIG mouth Danny or not!good luck~

  16. sandra .. SMALL WORLD !!!! ok ok .. i shall behave in front of ;p


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