Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Visited all the famous tourist spots at Athens (including Acropolis, Hadrian Arch, Temple of Zeus, etc. ) but i'm not going to post the pictures here, cos they are easily found once you googled it. ;p

The stadium of the 1st Modern Olympic. Now, who said that shorty can't jump high? ;p ( 邊個話矮仔跳唔高啊 ?我離地面幾高! 多得我搏晒老命geh跳。有高無 ?)

The Greek's Parliament House. Yes, this is the place when they had the BIG STRIKE 2 weeks ago! ( Picture taken 2 days before the strike )

Pop Quiz :
Do you know siapa ini?
When my friend asked me the same question, my first thought was ... 'VERSACE'. Haha ;p

Memang sah, i was born to be 'fashionable'. LOL


  1. 没看过你真人,不过你的确跳得很高哦!

  2. You're jumping to grab.... something? :P

    Isn't that Medusa?

  3. 跳的时候 后面的人没看过来么 呵呵

  4. Agree with medie007, its Ms. Sexxy Medusa..

  5. single .. of cos la.. u dunno how many NG take on the jumping shot.. damn tired lerr...

    william .. yerr... u so 'pannai' horr? must drink Dugro or Enfa Gold one.. right? ;p

    bong .. u r a very versatile doctor.. good knowledge n good taste ( i mean in music... other things i dunno lah ;p )

  6. anthony .. got ah.. they must be asking.. " what is that short leg old guy trying to do huh? ;p "

    emo .. i am so happy to know a bunch of 'smart' friend thru my blog here....hahaha.. ada happy mou?

  7. aiyor.. jump so high n so many NG shoots, 小心龙体。。 N ur skinny jeans dun hav 爆胎 meh? hahhaha... =D

    ya hoh.. tat's is VERSACE.. haha...^^

  8. did u break ur glasses after that jump? hahaha~

    is tat medusa? lolz :P

  9. eunice .. dun worry.. still got some room in my skinny jeans ..see.. we think same same..lol

    l .. glasses? y glasses?

  10. 很拼命地在跳跃!

  11. alive .. yes .. using all the energy left in body.. just to get a nice pic..:))

  12. i like the jump jump picture, so youthful... haha...

  13. kaishin .. u know la.. when we reach certain age, must do more ' youthful' things ma...lol ;p
    you should start practise now...lol ;p


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