Sunday, October 31, 2010

it's the beginning ...

... of a hectic lifestyle. When you are tied up with too many things ( that are out of your ability/ control ), funny signs will show.

I applied my night cream in the morning, after washing my face ... cos i thought i a going to sleep.

I accidentally left out body and hair when shower at night ( just washing the face ) ... cos i thought i was late for meetings.

I kept looking for food even after my meal ... cos i thought i need more energy to work.

I am counting down to the dates every day, crossing out the projects one by one.
Hope that everything will turn out fine.

BTW, HAppy Halloween everyone.
Ada buat perangai hantu kah? ;p


  1. Happy Halloween to you! How did your themed class go?

  2. william .. the classes were ok.. n m glad that i attracted some attention .. with my costume.. lol ;p

    single .. as long as i dun make sily mistake on my job.. then shld b ok kan? :)

  3. sound like coming cny you can rest for few months liao.

  4. 老人痴呆症征兆~ omg..

    btw, when's the gym open day that u mentioned that day? i wanna join u shaking ass.

  5. That sounds like 'the stress affect'..lolz..
    Happy Halloweennnnn....'Boooooooo....'

  6. justin .. rest for few month? CHOIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!! ;p

    wayne .. now onli u ask me ahh? see you next year lah ;p

    AD .. maybe guarr... but still under control la.. i think ;p

  7. I had that too, when I was thinking about my dream project- apply shower gel before I wet my body...

  8. yaz .. die lorrr.. 2 out of 3 ( u, me n biaomei ) got this symptom ...;p

  9. HAPPY HANTU DAY DANNY! Woooooooooo!

  10. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam. seng. without sounds. :P

    wei wei, saw ur side bar thingy, got any free pass to enter flyniversary not? :D

  11. i have a wonderful haloween night but nothing related with halloween! haha...


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