Wednesday, December 1, 2010

THE messenger

I was delivering some props to my clients office. The buyer saw me and came to me. With her serious face and cold voice tone, she said to me :

" Danny, overall the feedbacks on the window display are quite positive. They like it. Good job."

My heart was beating fast when she came to me with that look cos i thought someone complained on the display. Luckily it was the opposite. You knowlah, sometimes we are fooled by other people's facial expression. And i think some people just don't have the face to deliver good news. Haha.

Dear Bobbie,
I know you do visit my blog once a while. Can i request you to be less serious when you are bringing good news? Cos i was really nervous when i saw you just now. ;p "

So you think you have the look for delivering good news?
Cos i know whatever came out from my mouth won't sound right. LOL ;p


  1. 严肃代表他的身份?

  2. You were just anxious la...

  3. some people just "wood mouth wood face" so cannot blame them one.. as long as you like the content of the message they bring lor, haha!! :D

    BTW, which VD have you done for so far?? let me go and see see..

  4. I think I'm pretty good at giving straight face.

  5. My face is deceiving too. People say Grandma is garang but my heart is soft like pussy cat.

  6. haha, some ppl are like that...
    they cant control their faceial expression....lolz

  7. single .. i think thats more like herself than her status..;p

    william .. of cos la.. cos i myself not really satisfied with the set up...

    sk .. i do like the content of the message.. but just wish that i dun have to flip that scary cover ;p

  8. legolas .. i am very pro in giving that face too.. no one dare to approach me

    twilight .. u sure or not? i still very scared when i see you lerr... miaooo

  9. bong .. cos ur eyes are very and ur eyebrow are thick issit? ;p

    keo .. i know i know.. i oso very hard to control my ' unfriendly'


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