Friday, October 14, 2011

let's get loud ( or not ;p )

I extremely uncomfortable having meal with people who makes a lot of noise when eating. I used to have a housemate in college where she is very loud when eating. We were all eating in front of the tv, then one by one will slowly move away from her. Cos beh tahan with the THX sound effect. It's like she's announcing to the world that she is having her meal...

chap chap chap ( see? i'm chewing vege !!! )
slurp slurp slurp ( yumm, i'm drinking my soup !!! )
buurrrrrrrrrrp ( ah, i'm full !!! )*

But when i was in Japan, i'm totally fine with them slurping their ramen loudly. Is it bcoz i respect their culture? Or me being a double standard hypocrite? LOL ;p

Do you have any friend who likes the THX effect? Or you are one of them? ;p

Me doing the " slurping sakan " in Tokyo. ;p

* actually i burp a lot and very very loudly. who wants to have a burping battle with me? lol ;p


  1. I guess I am kind of like you - double standard. It's okay to make loud slurping sound eating noodle in Japan (When in Japan follow what the Japanese do, after all that's their culture ~_~), but I couldn't stand people making loud noises when having their meal, not even when chewing gums and making that 'tak, tak, tak' sound, it's just so disgusting.

    Please.... don't burp in front of me... That's going to take away 50 marks from you!!!

  2. jade .. dun worry.. i normally only burp to annoy ppl... definitely not in the class :)

  3. Not "vogiu" already if it carries on.


  4. chenxing .. aiya .. a 'vogiu-person' like me oso have my 'human time' ma... lol ;p

  5. I'm an average-noised eater.

  6. i slurp on hot drinks and soups,burping is an appreciative middle eastern culture:)

  7. chai .. as long as its not too loud.. i think its acceptable geh :)

    ash .. really? then i shld go to those restaurant .. and burp as loud as i want :)) burrrrrp, alhamdulillah ;p

  8. sampat!

    i always scold my family who make sounds one. muahahaha

  9. in japan, if u slurp it down it's a sign that it's tasty. so it's good :)

  10. bong .. i'll make sure i make sound in front of u when we meet next time. and u cannot scold me. cos i'm not ur blek ;p

    deicidal .. yup yup .. but sometimes just very hard for me to make that sound.. tak biasa la ;)


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