Monday, October 10, 2011

walk the walk.

We were doing Maroon 5's Moves like Jagger. I thought of combining some 'fashionable element' in the choreography. So i did a simple 4 count step where i want them to walk with attitude ( ala-ala catwalk la ;p ). Cos i though it will be fun having a bunch of people catwalking in the studio at the same time. So vogiu kan? ( also can lepas gian sikit pretending like coordinating a fashion show lol ;p )

Everything was ok. But when i play the music and they started to walk ...

Now i know why sometimes we laugh at SOME of the contestants from ANTM when they try to do the catwalk. Some were born with it, and some just need to work hard, real hard. And i'm thankful that i'm doing OK in this department ( although there's lot more of other stuffs that i don't know ;p ).

A lot of people can talk the talk. But how many of you can really walk the walk?
So you think you can walk .. like catwalk?

p/s : i lost about 1.5kg thanks to the fever. yayyyyyyyy!! :)


  1. Can I? Can't I? Oh that you gotta to tell me, cos it's quite typical that each and everyone of us think "I CAN"!!!

    You don't need to lose weight, you look fine enough :)

  2. but some walk like their hips lost support like that...

  3. 1.5 kg ? OMG !!!

    i wan fever also ~~~ ^.^

  4. jade .. u no prob la.. i think u also know ;p by the way , this is the new step i'm gng to teach tmr :) c u soon :))

    bong .. thats what we call attitude.. u doctor dunno one la...hahahaha ;p

  5. matthew .. sampat .. moulala want fever.. u sick issit? lol ;p

    chenxing .. oo.. then i shall see when we meet la..maybe a catwalk ;p

  6. 1.5kg might be muscle, gasp! Teach me to walk it, haha.

  7. ME ME ME! :P
    Been training all my life, the long legs helps with the strut.. Whenever I'm walking on an alley or long walkway I will just go into catwalk mode hahahaha..

    I think what keeps it intense is the fierce look forward, focusing on 1 point and not giving a shit about anything else that's going on around you :P

  8. chai .. muscle? how i wish la.. trying very hard to reshape my body now..:)

    jboy .. ooo.. seems like u r quite familiar with it horr? long legs are nothing .. try walking it with short ones ~ my short legs.. now that is what i call "CHALLENGE" lol ;p


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