Sunday, October 23, 2011

say CISSSSSSSSS........ ( bedebah ;p )

I don't really like taking picture, cos i don't think i look good in it. ( I look better in real syok sendiri ;p ) And i'm extremely ' beh song' when people / friends 'force' me to take picture WITH them. I mean i don't mind taking picture FOR them. So i'll end up giving them a 'fake smile' for 2 seconds.

I was at SS2 Mall the other day when i saw this family ( parents + 2 kids ) passed by FullHouse. Then the father asked his kids to pose in front of the shop to take pics. Then changed pose. Then changed pose. I can see the smile on the kids' face slowly turn to sour. It was so hot and it took forever for the father to snap a picture. Kesian betul budaks tu. Sometimes i think the parents were too excited and carried away when taking pictures for their kids. Never thought of the kids feeling oso. :(

Do you like to TAKE picture?
Or you like to TAKE picture for others?


  1. I try to take people in their moments without them posing if possible; they'll say that they don't look that nice, but the genuine expressions are the best.

  2. chai .. i also love those candid pics.. totally natural and more meaningful :)

  3. i think that's the beginning of a healthy papparazo career. :D

  4. I love to camwhore.

    I supposed the kid's father been watching too much of ANTM already.


  5. deicidal .. healthy meh? the parents enjoying while the kids suffering..:(

    chenxing .. luckily the father didnt ask the kids to smeyez... thats one i can help ;p

  6. I like to take pictures for others, but I would also like people to return the favour!

  7. I don't mind taking pics for others coz I have quite steady hands. Some ppl are so shaky the image is almost always blur haha =.=

    I used to hate taking pics coz I had image/esteem issues.. growing up thinking I was unattractive and all.. but now that I look better I'm actually kind of enjoy being photographed! :P

  8. sorry was being a little sarcastic there..

  9. i only like to take photos when i look good lor.. that's why i rarely take any photo now~~ :(

  10. I assume all women like taking pictures. But only 10 out of the 100 snap shots we post for get to see the day light. The rest will be deleted well before anyone else get to see it. We either find ourselves too fat, the smile not sweet enough, forget to tuck in the tummy.... the list goes on.... but in actual fact that's how we look like in real life... We are always trying to find fault with our looks, such vain animals!!

    So were you faking your smile when posing besides me for the farewell snapshot? :x

  11. william .. give and take horr? very good :)

    jboy .. yeah.. sometimes oso a bit pekcek when the photographer's hands are shaky.. cannot blame them oso.. so now u look good liao la..? fast fast come show me on saturday la..:))

    deicidal .. oic. sorry ya.. too blurr to sense the

  12. sk ..i think u n me have the same problem .. so next time we just take each others pic ;p

    jade .. my fren oso have to do a tight QC before approving the pics.. so mafan .. u think i was faking it? lol ;p

  13. hey dai gor,
    was u at klcc yest? cause i guess i saw u. ^^

  14. eunice .. yeah wor... arnd 4pm .. then y u din stop me? aiya ;p

  15. Actually last time you posted some photos you took by yourself. Nice what. Maybe you dont trust other people to take photos of you and only trust yourself :P

  16. cause i also saw u from far.
    n u seems like rushing to somewhere..
    somemore, i wear very "lao sao" since it's monday..=P
    so i dint chase up la..
    ei, if i really approach u.. wat should i say ar? HI? hahahahXD
    so "gam gai" like tat... hahahXD

  17. fable .. i think u r right la.. i think i'm a control freak.. must control

    eunice .. u really lucky la.. cos i was there for like 10 mins only.. delivering poster and go.. if u see me next time.. just say :

    Hi Bitch, i'm the bitch from kajang.. sure i know :))


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