Wednesday, October 19, 2011

upper vs lower

Do you know what to do when i ask you to :

" Move your upper body to the right. " ,OR
" Concentrate on the lower body only. " ?

I think there's still a big group of people/ member who are confused with their upper and lower body, especially during warm up session. Cos whatever i said, they'll still move their whole body.

Any other more easy to understand 'terms' that i should use? Cos i dun think that i want to say :

" Move your body from shoulder to your waist to the right." , OR
" Concentrate from the butt down only. " :)

I always wanted o conduct a 80's theme dance class. Sure fun, with those shorts and head ban... Remember my name .. FAME ;p Anybody want to join? :)


  1. it's not language problem but body synch issues.. not that we don't understand upper and lower but non-dancing-talented people like us just can't command our body parts like you would expect.. so, just wear our shoes, close one eye and as long as the members enjoy their so-called dance, then it's considered happy together lah , haha :p

  2. sk .. of cos i dun expect everyone to dance perfectly.. but its just sometimes what they do is very bad for their posture / back.. i got a girl twisted her ankle in my class b4.. so i dun want them to hurt themselves, when not properly warmed up or stretched :)

  3. Totally agreed with SK. It's not that they don't understand what you said, it's only that the body just refused to execute the right moves no matter how hard they tried. By the way, I can memorise your full warm up routine, because it never changes :p

    80' theme dance class? Eh wait for me la, I belong to that era. I still have my head ban and leg warmer and those sexy leotard, only I might not fit into it, haha, XD

  4. jade .. dun worry la.. u r still in a very good shape.. my frens were shocked when i told them ur age...ahahahahahahahahahahahahaah ;p

  5. Eh don't go around telling my age :((
    I am going to skin you alive the next time I bump into you!!! It's a small world you know :p

  6. jade .. yeah i know.. small

  7. i still have the VIP pass, old and almost torn... :S

  8. I want to join in as well. Love that song too.


  9. bong .. i think ur so called VIP pass is expired liao.. cos they came out with new version of VIP pass since last year ;p

    chenxing .. gd gd..then we can wear the head ban and sweat pants.. maybe with leg warmers too ;p

  10. My hair is short. I think I can skip the head ban. Hehe...

    *Got people changed new profile picture...

  11. I can skip the head band too. When start classes? Haha.

  12. chenxing .. then can do the spiky hairstyle la.. spray a bit of godl dust on it... lol..
    * saje gatal gatal maa...;p

    chai .. maybe we shld do that for the coming Halloween huh? 80's ;p

  13. Fetish for leotards? When I see those old aerobics gear, I tend to think of Anita Mui

  14. william .. i'll think of anita mui when i see songkok with long chiffon ;p


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