Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I always wonder what will happened if i'm involved in a fight. I mean a real fight with punching and kicking. For a 'good' boy like me, i've never involved or witnessed a fight. Me punching and kicking? I think i might end up shaking the hip and do a high kick instead. lol ;p

Anybody fancy a 'not-so-friendly' fight?
Feeling a bit wild lately. ;p

Any tips for a sure in fight? Just in case ( touch wood ) i kena tomorrow. LOL ;p


  1. Run !!!

    I don't like fights, but I am a big fan of Drama.


  2. Hair pulling and clawing the face. And sneaky kicks to the crotch.

  3. chenxing .. ceh.. nak drama tapi takut ;p

    william .. can i add a slap and a snap? more vogiu..lol ;p

  4. chai .. not everywhere got bed when u want to fight ok? lol ;p

  5. was thinking of turning ur face sideways and ur hand reaching forward slapping blindly.


  6. bong .. sounds fun.. can imagine that... but a bit childish horr? lo ;p

  7. i used to be involved in fist fights during form 2 & form 3, no choice cuz i went to a bad school, either fight back or be beaten.
    i usually ended up losing though..sigh..anyways, physical fighting is not good. but you can always do verbal fighting, keeps maintain your vogiu gitu...

  8. i was suspended from school before in std 3 for fighting and causing some asshole to bleed nose and mouth..


  9. anonymous .. wow.. used to fight huh? thats so cool..haha.. btw, u r?

    eric .. standard 3 huh? its an early sign of u being a combat instructor..lol ;p


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