Monday, October 31, 2011

is it weird ...

... to have Nancy Sit ( 薛家燕 ) teaching me how to iron clothes in my house?

... to go on a high heel shopping spree with my niece, who is now 19 ... months old?

... to climb and jump from building to building, just to go and get my car ... which is just parked downstairs of my condo?

I'm having more and more weird dreams lately. Am i really that stressed or i'm just too creative, even in my dreams? ;p

I think if i start jotting down all those funny/weird dreams that i had, i can publish a book called ...
" Big Dreams, by Big Mouth. " lol ;p

p/s : Happy Halloween everybody! :)


  1. It's normal, I get weird dreams all the time.

  2. Probably you are just tired. Rest more !

    Well, the idea of the dream-book is kinda a good thing to be kept as journal.


  3. chai .. i know i know.. but sometimes its just so tiring to have so many dreams :(

    chenxing .. journal? err.. i think it's easier if i just tell u all my dreams and u write it down for me.. cos too lazy to write it down myself.. lol ;p

  4. Haha your dreams are so interesting! I don't get dreams very often... usually when it does happen it's a nightmare where I'm either getting chased by ghosts/bad guys or there's a snake going up my bed :( *sobs*

  5. jboy .. interesting? give u some la.. at least they are better than the ghost of snakes dreams rite? lol ;p

  6. interesting dreams indeed! publish a book!

  7. bong .. would u buy? i can give u gift with purchase... lol ;p

  8. i always have dream about lossing my teeth.
    i freak out n check it when i wake up.
    thank God. my teeth still there. haha.

  9. Weird unless you tell me you wake up wet after dreaming of Nancy Sit!

  10. eunice .. y? u got a lot fo extra teeth issit? lol ;p

    william .. choooooooiiiiiiiiiiiii.. siau meh? ;p


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