Monday, October 17, 2011

just did it !?

I think my memory is getting weaker and weaker.

Woke up this morning, brushed my teeth and wanted to shower. Then my phone rang. I ran out answered the phone. After that, went back to the bathroom ... and brushed my teeth again !! I only realized that when i rinsed my mouth. Cos it felt so familiar, so familiar like i just did that 10 minutes ago.LOL ;p

Now i'm so worried that i might not remember my way home after a tiring dance session at the gym. Hahaha :))
( Seriously, if you see me walking alone i the mall/ road side, please come and approach me. Cos i might need your help.;p )

Anyone have similar problem?
If gingko is good for strengthen the memory, then i think i'll need to be soaked in it.;p


  1. I once applied body wash a second time after I rinse the first one off and only realised it once I rinsed the second one off. It's normal for geniuses like us. :D

  2. Symptom of being old... sad!

  3. yes, sometime ... perhaps you lost your concentrate ~ lets drink Brands Chicken Essence ~ haha

  4. Think you were just blur la since you just woke up

  5. chai .. normal for geniuses like US? i dun want to be genius.. i just want to be ;p

    tz .. ya wor.. any great advise for me? :))

  6. duncan .. chicken essence? EEEEEEWWWWWWWWW.. i beh tahan the smell and taste.. definitely won't help ;(

    william .. thats just one of many examples of me being ;p

  7. no lah, you won't forget your way home lah, that's already in your subconscious mind - unless you moved to a bigger bungalow elsewhere, then maybe one day you might go back to Ampang~~ :p

  8. If you can remember all your dance steps, you can't be old and senile. Leave the gingko to older ladies like me. What's 'vogiu' by the way?

  9. sk .. bungalow huh? but i think i'll still buy bungalow in ampang.. cos once an Ampang Next Top Model, always an Ampang Next Top ;p

    jade ..u think i can remember all meh? Meaning i covered it up quite well on stage ;p
    vogiu=vogue ( in my own ;p )

  10. gasps! early onset alzheimers!


    aiyah, don worry la... it happens

  11. I've experienced double shampooing & double body washing ;)

  12. bong .. i juts dind't expect it to come so ;p

    sherry .. y? u felt really DIRTY that day issit? llol ;p


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