Friday, October 21, 2011


I always admire those instructors who can conduct a very fun and 'noisy' class. They always know when to do the 'Ooooooooo's, 'Aaaaahhhhhh's and 'Heeeeyyyyyyyy's. And the most important part is .. when to say something ( normally something encouraging ) to the members.

I am still trying very hard to 'open up' myself. Cos i think i always give a very COLD feeling to others. And i always feel hesitated and shy to make noise during the class. I did, but maybe just for 2 minutes. ( :P ) Hmmm, it really takes whole lot of hard work to create a 'great and fun' class. And i'm heading to that direction. Hopefully it's not too late. :)

Any tips?
Or anything that you would like to expect from your instructor?

For those who dunno me yet .. " i need longer time to warm up ... especially to newly met people " :)


  1. singalong! esp the chorus part. breaks the tension at least. :D

  2. bong .. i tried that b4.. but my voice horrr... not very btw, dance n sing at the same tie is very tiring... i always salute those dancing divas... :)

  3. Hmm, maybe try to mingle with them after/before class ? At least it will make you and them more comfortable ?

  4. chenxing .. tats another problem to me.. cos i hardly mingle.. i dunno how to talk to others ( off stage ) oso i normally rush from class to class.. dun really hv time to talk :)

  5. At least go round the class complimenting your participants and all, positive remarks will keep your students coming back for more. :)

  6. There is only ONE instructor so far who can bring the 'ooh' and 'ahhh' and loads of fun and noises out of us (RPM instructor, on the plump side,4-eyed, so go guess who) Some tried too hard and end up making stupid remarks and silly dirty jokes. It's better for them to look stupid then open their mouth and remove all doubts :((

    Just be yourself, we all enjoy your dances, feel younger and more energized at the end of the class, that's what matters most, don't you think so?

    Now I wanted so.... badly to go back to your class! Not to see your 'black' face but to enjoy the dance!!! haha....

  7. chai .. yup yup.. i think shld really start working on that.. mingle more :)

    jade .. huh? ok lo.. next time i wear mask when teaching . so that u wont see my black face.. btw, we did a few NEW dance liao ( hahahah... just teasing u )

  8. If it's not in your character, no need dibuat-buat. It will appear fake.

  9. add a bit of those standard comments bah like i see in those videos

    come one everyone!

    your are doing great!

    a one! a two! shake! shake! shake!

    or something like tat, *laughing at my mental image*

  10. william .. ya lorr ya lorr.. thats y till now i'm still the cold ;p

    vincent .. when i was a member joining classes, i will roll my eyes ( in my heart ) when i heard instructor saying that.. so ;p


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