Thursday, August 30, 2012


I arrived early at the gym. So i went merayau hat the mall ( it's in Mines, btw ). Saw a foot reflexology centre. Thought it might be good to get a foot massage since i got 1.5 hours to kill. ( and my kaki memang selalu sakit ).

I opened the door, went to the counter and was greeted by a lady .. a Tanah Besar lady (:P) .. Opps. Got a strange feeling. Told her the package i wanted and followed her in. Then only i realized that all masseurs there are from her country. And majority the customers there are middle aged male or old uncles... Damn.

Since i don't plan to make friend with my female masseur, i pun eavesdropping at other people conversation la.

Female Masseur : You came alone? Where's your wife?

Uncle : Aiyo, i'm so fat and ugly ( memang pun ;p), where got people want me wor?

Female Masseur : Don't say like that. I think you are the best looking guy here. ( Oooi... lady .. you blind issit? Can't see me issit? ;p )

Uncle : Haha .. you always say that to other people?

Female Masseur : No la. I'm telling the truth.

Me : ( trying to hold my vomit ;p )

Conclusion :
The massage was ok ( despite her kept asking me to extend another hour ). But the conversation between the masseurs and uncles was more worth the money. Hahaha..

Anyone got funny massage experience?

Happy Merdeka people.
Have a great weekend. :)


  1. Imagine one whole family go together. Dad, mom, sister and you.

    All separated only by one piece of curtain.

    I think that's interesting enough.

    The Mines? Hmm, bumping into you next semester might just happen!

    1. curtain? sori lo.. we all just sat in the middle of the room .. like one happy family ;p no privacy at all..

      i'll be at mines every Friday evening .. c ya :)

  2. CF gym there?

    The Tanah Besar lady trying her luck it is? Lol. So sweet with her words..haha

    1. yup. CF..where lots of middle eastern ppl go there :)

  3. Tried once at bukit bintang, local lady~

    talk alot~ hand rarely move... cant recall a single thing she said =.=

    herm~ you travel alot eh, even within klang valley~

    1. i travel from gym to gym .. sometimes quite tiring oso la ;)

  4. hahaha. didnt know tanah besar ppl start to flock into tanah melayu...

    1. ooo... dah lama datang dah ..
      semenjak kedatangan hang li poh lagi lol ;p

  5. i gooottt

    one time i went to this massage parlour. the lady sat on my bum for like 30 mins. she just tumbuk tumbuk my back and just sat there for 30 mins. my massage was only for 1 hour. so i asked the lady "why you just sit there and not do any proper massage?". then the lady just kept quiet. then i asked again lor. then still kept quite. after awhile she just got up and left. then she came back in. i coudln't see her mah cos i was lying on my front. so then later she came back in. so i yelled at her la i said "why you so unprofessional wan???". then she kept quiet and just sat on my head. then i got smell something. that stupid lady apparently kentut on my head!!!
    can you believe it????!!!


    gendeng guy(actually i forgot what's my nickname already. i got put a few comments on your previous posts)

  6. wow .. that must be quite an experience huh? lol ;p

    err.. don't recall any comments by gendeng guy b4 .. but .. welcome :)


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