Friday, August 1, 2008

12:30 ~ 13:30

1 hour. Anything can happened within 1 hour. You can be dragged from your peaceful land to ' Basement 18' ( if you get what i mean ;p ). And within a minute it will lift you up high to the Cloud Nine. That's what happened to me between 12.30pm to 1.30pm yesterday.

I was meeting up my sister for lunch at Subang yesterday. As we drove to the nearby restaurant, some car coming out from the parking lot accidentally knock and scratch my car bumper. ( OK, minor damage. ) But the thing is, the male driver never bother to come out from his car or apologize to us. Luckily my 'professional negotiator' sister helped me to negotiate with that guy. Considered settled la. Thanks Lisa. But i just want to say :
W.L. Sung BHD 6298 Toyota Altis 019-66412XX - SHAME ON YOU, FOR YOUR LOUSY MANNER !!!

After that, we went to the restaurant to have lunch. Suddenly my phone rang. Someone from Astro called to inform that i am one of the shortlisted contestant from the audition the other day. And i need to go for their shoot in 2 weeks time. I was speechless, a lot of things is playing in my mind. But i am very happy. At least i have a chance to experience new things.

I've experienced a good and a bad things within an hour. Just another DRAMATIC day for to rest now, tired.


  1. Congratulations! Like they say, 塞翁失马,焉知非福。

  2. tqtq..ya lo..but now m facing another problem..cos i got a bit of ' camera phobia' ;(

  3. haha.. ko.. once again you fulfilled my dream. Next time when u popular, must intro me in oh :p


  4. u chiseen ah? popular to face camera oso haven't think...;p

  5. lisa still vy good in "argueing" with ppl....haha...

    so, how's ur prepration for the shoot? jia you...

  6. y u 2 wake up so early? I want to sleep also force to wake up, but u dua orang different la :p

    dunno how to face camera ah, ask me la, I can be very good de.. haha..

  7. what preparation? die die la.

    i oso hv to work, ok? ;p

  8. wow.. chances are coming along your way..

  9. sorry, mis-pressed the button.. from sherry to she pulak..

    i'm comin back tonight, anything u want from India?? But guess i dun have much time to shop..

  10. sherry..of cos i know u r a 'SHE' ;p
    India ah? err..err...nothing..hahahah
    thanks ;)

  11. Congratulation!! My friend didn't go as far tho~~have fun!

  12. o really? dun think that ur fren is in my group..cos my group

  13. Lissss'a8/5/08, 11:28 AM

    sorry guys, late comment

    like wat danny said i was a 'professional negotiator' on tat day...yvo said m 'arguer' wasnt my car, so i was a bit calm wif tat idiot...if it happened 2 my car...u know la...dahsyat! "Scary Scolder"!!!!

  14. congrats.. snap more pictures and share with us here la.

  15. bee...alo, long time no see
    wil try to take pic if allowed ;)


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