Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Went to the studio shooting for the Astro new game show - Ready To Fly? ( 遠走高飛 ) with my sister today. Reached there on time. Registered and then lunched. Then went for makeup. I think the makeup 姐姐 was a bit nervous when she did my makeup. Probably this is her 1st time touching up such a big face and lips..lol. And she is going to use a lot of the cosmetics. RUGI BESAR lo.

After makeup, went for the briefing. Once i know that the game is based on luck and not knowledge, i told my sister that this is not good for me. Cos i never have luck, all i have is BRAIN! 麼都無,死凈把口同個腦。And i was right, cos i was not doing good in the game. But i did manage to spread my 'SUEI'ness to other contestants. According to the host, our group was really SUEI, cos none of us make it to the fourth round.

But i did enjoy the process la. Screamed and shouted a lot, and also some OTT facial expressions ( hopefully won't get complaints from home viewers ) mainly to hope that the other contestant hit the wall...有殺錯無放過。And i actually got all the numbers that i shouted for others. Thanks to me, they will only travel in Malaysia..haha
One of the contestant told her friend that the middle guy in front line ( which is me ) always 開口仲。Guess i'm the bad guy for the episode. And i know that is one of my best talent.

So, if you want to see how i curse people on tv, check out the the show la.. premiering early September, i'm in the 5th episode.
Not sure Astro AEC or WLT ( i think should be WLT 311 cos it is in Cantonese )


Final touch up before start recording...

After the show, waiting for group picture

Group pic. If i'm not wrong, they will publish it in the Astro Programme Guidebook for September

You must be wondering why i mentioned about flying in the title since i didn't won the game. Actually i did fly. After the shoot, i 飛 car from PJ back to Ampang..hehehe


  1. we fly together. my recent post with ur favorite pic is bout flying too.

    haha... let's fly happily

  2. see me fly..i'm proud to fly up high...

  3. omg, what kind of game show is that??

  4. errr..dunno how to describe..
    u'll know when they show it.
    not very exciting but still fun la ;)

  5. My god! I must send my client's photo to you and ask you to help me curse him!

  6. hey.. i am good in cursing, but only when it is related to me...
    ur client ah? sorry, no feeling wo..lol

  7. Very good.. Cant wait to watch it!..

    GJ.. U sure look good in tv.. =P

    Btw, I am going to Langkawi later @ 4.30am.. =D

    Jason Siah

  8. I want to watch u in screen!! :p

  9. Abang... T.T 你的《远走高飞》也飞走了阿?

    Adui, tot of you manage to go NY can bring me along ma :p

  10. j/AM....wether look good or not i tak tau la...but sure my face very fair...thanks to the make up jeje
    enjoy ur trip la :)

    chris.. make sure dun eat while watch wo..cos i dun want to spoil ur appetite ;p

    jen...no luck wo...hv to pay myself to go lo..

  11. u go with which sis to the show?


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