Friday, August 8, 2008

Sample please...

What a special date for so many occasions. People fight to be get married on this date. Olympics officially starts today.
And i choose to do my medical check up today. Suppose to do it in May. But too busy.

I stepped in the clinic this morning and registered for the check up. Everything was good till the nurse called me for some urine sample. SHIT!!! I just went to the toilet 2 minutes before she called. Don't think that i still have any urine stocks. What should i do?
Suddenly i thought of something familiar. It's a same scenario that happened like 10 years ago, when i got my 1st job with Isetan. We were asked to go for medical check up before the job confirmation. I was so young and kan-chiong. I only managed to get very little urine in the container. Worried that i will get scolded by the nurse, i did the most craziest, stupidest, funniest and SALAHest thing. I mix my urine sample with some pipe water to make it half container. Never thought of the consequences of the mixture. And the result from the check up? ~ I AM HEALTHY. ( hahahaha )

I can't help but laugh at myself whenever i thought of that incident. Once a while, i do lost my mind. :)


  1. Just don't scoop up the toilet bowl water and you'll be okay.

  2. i think i still got a bit of common sense la;p

  3. when will get the result?

  4. err, what if some tests get negative because of the additives or impurities in the water?? kekeke!! that is so yuen wong :p

  5. yvo..1 week

    sk..ya lo..nvr tot of those minerals in the water..later they suspect my body is not

  6. haha interesting old times' fun. should use mineral water instead of tap water if you ever think of going for that again. lol

  7. nope...hopefully never again
    btw, tap water is the only

  8. oh... maybe next time can think of add with some apple juice... more or less same color. :p

  9. apple juice? gila meh?
    later they say i got diabetes...;p


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