Saturday, August 9, 2008

I'm not a dreamer...

Was at Sunway Pyramid the other day. Since i still got 3 hours to kill before going for my class, i decided to watch a movie. Cos i can sit, enjoy aircond and it's dark ( in case i want to sleep ;p ). So i went to the cinema. The only movie that fit my schedule is The Mummy : Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. Hmm... never watch the first 2 movies of The Mummy series. But who cares, i just want to kill my time.

So i watched....
And watched....
Did i mentioned that i just watched? ( Without enjoying it? )

Why? Cos i'm never a fan of adventure and fiction movie. Or i just have to admit that i do not have the sense of FANTASY.

I think too much while watching the movie.
a) They tried too hard to create the 'funny' scene
b) Some of the things are not logic
c) It's an American movie
d) Most of all, was this question :

~ Alex ( American in China ) was talking to his workers in Mandarin
~ but why ChiYuan and her daughter, Lin ( suppose to be 2 ancient Chinese lady from dunno what Dynasty ) talked to each other in English? Is it because they afraid that Richie and the gang ( who were with them ) can't understand what were they talking about? Or are they like Astro, where you can switch the language to the one that you understand? Or they are just doing what the Chinese government asked them to do ~ SPEAK MORE ENGLISH?

Aiya, i should not think too much la. Cos it's a fiction..
So, i guess :

"I'm not a dreamer...i'm a realist."

ZhiYuan & Lin, 2 "ENGLISH SPEAKING" Chinese lady


  1. ... and ZhiYuan casted the spell in English in the end too!! she must have learnt lots of English, and taught her daughter too.. :p

  2. ya wor... maybe they took English course then, since always so free in the ancient

  3. At last! The Chinese government have succeeded in cultivating the nation to speak more English!

    That's supposed to be a joke... 冷笑话.

  4. yeah...but sadly, it only happened in movie, not real life in
    ( oso a joke ;p )

  5. I didn't really like the movie either, it's too fiction.. the 1st & 2nd were alot better. dan..did u watch olympic, there's 1 chinese athelete who looks like u.... his name is Yang Wei... ;)

  6. reen...really? look alike ah?
    thanks for saying that i look like CHINAMAN ;p
    and he is competing in what ?

  7. I think Yang Wei is on the China's Men Gymnastic team.

  8. yeah..i checked the pic..

    DOREEN si siao si bo?!

  9. Hahahaha... yes la he really resembles you, or look like your brother...the pic on the internet really don't do him justice. he looks better on tv. Boh sien lu eh la.

  10. oo nya bo?
    meaning i oso got camera face la?
    okok...i forgive u ;p

  11. yayayayya u got camera actualy he's quite good looking leh so meaning i'm indirectly complimenting u. chia jiak next time ok.

  12. I love Mummy franchies.. 1 and 2.. I love Brendan Fraser.. I Super super duber love Michelle Yeoh cos she is my idol since I was in Standard 2.. =P

    BUT.. I dislike Mummy 3.. The father-son r/ship doesnt seem connected to me.. Brendan still looks young enough just to be Alex's brother.. I hate that Rachel is not acting as his wife, Evelyn anymore.. Mario Bello is great but just lack of FEELING!!!.. I was astounded that Michelle has to cast the spell in english while all the tengkorak do not seem to understand english at all!!!!!!!!!..

    I dislike when Zhiyuan daughter called her "Mother!.." before she died cos I felt like dying too.. Omg!..

    Rob Cohen.. The director.. I just want to tell him.. You have disappointed a lot of The Mummy's Fans as well as Michelle's fans.. Dammit!..

    Just my very personal point of view..

    Btw, at the end.. Did you fall asleep in the cinema or not? Hehe..

    Jason Siah

  13. wow...what a detailed summary...
    but, kinda agree with you ;)


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