Monday, August 11, 2008

賤嘴正傳 ﹣她是我表妹

It happened in one of my company annual dinner, where everyone have to dress up according to the theme - Fairytale.

So my female manager ( Bobbie ) came in with her full Kung Fu suit. People were a bit puzzled with her look. So, someone asked her :

( What are you dear? Mulan? )

“ 不是,我是花木蘭的表姐。”
( Oh no, i am Mulan's cousin sister. )

( So you are? )

“你好。我叫 ﹣毒爛! ”
( Nice to meet you. My name is ~ TULAN !!!


  1. hahahhahhah...*roll on the floor*..oh my gosh this is by far the most lawak thing I've ever read!!!!!

  2. hahaha!! isn't it fun to have such a hilarious boss?? kekeke..

  3. doreen..thanks to my 冷面笑將 boss
    i used to make the 'JAWS' music when she come near me.and she hated it

    sk..yup..i miss working with her and the rest of the team in The, we were one CRAZY department!!!

  4. loved the party. but the people was funnier ;)

  5. 哈哈。。 好鬼死搞笑。。

  6. gosh ! i realli miss my group...
    we created rubbish everyday..
    or shall i say, we talk using our lung everyday .. lol

  7. hahahahaa!!!!! oh man it's funny!!!!!!!!!!! I need more laughter!! Australians don't joke in that way!!

  8. I wonder what u wore that night. u should have posted some photos of urself..

  9. nothamsap.... u can count on my team for some really drop dead funny craps :)

    wayne...posted the pic before la..
    i was the king in 'emperor's new clothes'
    ( refer 'BIAOKHO-BIAOMEI' posted in April )

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