Wednesday, August 6, 2008

我。(掙D又) 仆街

Somethings is wrong with me lately.(有點發瘟) I was so clumsy and kept hurting myself. My elbow, my knee, my ankle, my fingernails...

As i was conducting a class yesterday, i almost did my BIG FALL again. I was dancing on the stage. I was concentrating with the steps and didn't realize that i was actually dancing at the edge of the stage. So, when i took a step back, my right leg step on nothing (扠錯腳) and i fell from the stage but manage to land on the dance floor standing with my left leg. The stage is just 1 foot height but still dangerous to fall from. Luckily it was a staff class. So no member saw the incident. Phew..!!

But i knocked my leg on the edge of the stage. (有黑青囉) But thank god it's not serious, and i still can dance.

When i fell few weeks ago, i got a lot of job/project offers after that. Hopefully this one too. ;)
(同一句話 :賽翁失馬,焉知非福)

Well, my fall is definitely nothing as compared to hers.
Rachel Smith of USA fell in the Miss Universe 2007 Pageant.


  1. Did you know Miss USA 2008 also fell down at the Miss Universe 2008?? It has now become a curse for Miss USA.

  2. yup...2 years oledi..c if they still fall next year..hahaha

  3. 跳得忘我, 都要顧住自己主持大局架, 做instructor首要條件, 哈哈..

  4. sk..welcome
    too i onli dance at the centre of the stage.

  5. i also nearly fell down on last tue when i entered the classroom for modern maths class....luckily i just kicked the step & inbalance...didn't fell down...or else my students sure will laugh until ....sis guan yin bao you us...

  6. ooo...must b extra careful this 'month'..
    if u fall...u thing 2nd floor and 3rd floor can feel or not?


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