Monday, August 25, 2008

Who's the BOSS ??!!

As a visual merchandiser, my job is to make sure that my clients items are nicely presented. The presentation/display must reflect the brands' identity and trendy, in certain way. This is some area that i know i can have full control.

Now the area that i hate/have no control/worst nightmare is ~ CLIENTS CONTRIBUTIONS.
What type of contribution? Ideas, props, etc. that they think is suitable for them. You know, sometimes clients will something that is so 'OUT OF THE WORLD'. But the truth is, they are just trying to turn a TIFFANY window to POH KONG window.( if you get what i mean ).

So my problem is, who should follow? I know it will definitely spoil the whole display if i do their way. But at the end of the day, they are the one who sign my paycheck. But i don't want to do a window that is so SALAH, and it's embarrassing to tell others that i did the window. So how?



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  2. Sometimes, we just gotta do what we don't wanna do. C'est la vie

  3. oooo...finally u 蘇 me ah ? after you FFK so many times ;p
    take care in US la :)

  4. GJ.. I still think u can actually follow their way but include your style.. U surely noe what i mean geh.. hehehe! Gambate!.. =D


  5. 為有見步行步咯。

  6. Do it the way they want first. Then show them yours. Then ask them to decide. If they want their way, then just follow loh. 无谓同钱抖气。

  7. ya lo...
    but why can't they put someone with more sense to be the person in charge for the department huh? ;p


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