Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Do you know that there's this shop in Starhill, that sells a lot of designers items mainly shoes and bags such as Alexander McQueen, Bikkimbergs, Puma, etc.? Well, they are having a GREEAAAAAAAT SALE now ~ "SALE GILA-GILA BABI" !!!!!

I went in the shop to touch up some display. After that, just walked around to check out their merchandise. To my surprise, i found something that is so nice yet so affordable. Apa lagi? I buy la..i swear to myself that this is the only thing i buy for this Mega Sale.

It is a pair of PUMA shoes by Japanese designer - Miharaya Suhiro. I've been looking for a pair of black shoes for quite some time as most of my shoes are in white or colors. Then i saw another bag from the same range...it is a KILLER BAG. I SUMPAH, people looked at it when i bring it around...( haha...mission achieved )

Can you believe it? This pair of shoes is just RM139.60 after a 60% discount !!! 好抵啊!你忍心不買嗎?

And also the CANGGIH looking bag, you won't miss it if i pass by in front of you ;) It's on 60% discount as well.

So, if you are looking for some interesting designer wearables with a slightly smaller budget, go Starhill.
The boutique's name is VENUE ( V Station ), next to Lacoste.
Now Everyone Can Buy. Happy Shopping! ;)


  1. This is new motto for Venue, Now Everyone Can BUY (FLY)...

    I still tau hin on 60s clothing, where got great sales to get their cloths?

  2. argh!!! Too bad i am not in malaysia. will the sales be extended till november? lol.

  3. Hmmm. Do they have discount on the restaurant food in Starhill?

  4. jen..go pasar malam la..cheap, colorful and full of surprises ;p

    nothamsap..probably they'll hv the year end sale then..with lots of new and nice items

    legolas..that one i dunno wo..cos i dun eat there..too class for me..hehehe

  5. walau,
    60% discount still RM 100 plus, but I know consider good and cheap otherwise you won't buy right?

    I wish I have money, then I can go shopping. But again, I have another problem, how am I suppose to go over when I am not allowed to go KL?

    Lucky la you !

  6. yuan...now is the best time to USE your friend ;)
    ( btw, the shoes was RM 400++ )

  7. 请问那店SALE到几时? 还有,那BAG多少钱?:)

  8. eh, which pasar malam u r referring to? i don think klang pm got lor..

    anyway, i will try to fill cheap and colorful legging for them la..

    add some accessories on the head enough la, wanna come over here 1 time to chap chap their costume?? :p

  9. yee..welcome ;)
    the SALE is on till end of the month ( Mega Sale ).
    Bag original RM800++ ( now RM320 )
    go buy la..they got 3 colors..black, white n red.:)

  10. 打开杀戒。。善哉善哉。。

  11. wayne....eh, i've not been '杀'ing for some time liao la...just these 2 onli ma...


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