Sunday, August 3, 2008

Call me Mr Zhung

Hi, my name is Zhung, ZHUNG Wan-Gai. ( 揰瘟雞 ) That's who i am today. Went to Pavilion early in the morning to prepare for the Cup Rocking Demonstration. Everything was going smooth, except that i was running like a headless chicken around Bukit Bintang area. From Pavilion to Starhill to Lot 10 to Sg Wang to BB Plaza then back to Pavilion.揰上揰下揰進揰出。Sweat a lot, as usual. I don't really know what i was thinking or doing cos was still very blurr.*
*( I was sick yesterday with fever and slept the whole day. I cancelled 2 classes last minute. Got scolded. Makes me so unpro. ;( When i woke up today i think i still got the medicine ﹣ 瘟瘟盾盾 )

Back to the Cup Rocking Demo. It was organised by MOOKS International. They send this guy, Andy Uprock ( the Cup Rocking artist ) to do a world tour with his artwork. And Malaysia is one of the stop. We set up a few framed fencing in front of Pavilion entrance for his demo. It was a bit boring when he started to put the cups on the hole cos it's all white. But it got more and more interesting when he sprays some colors on it.

Gosh, My face is as pale as a paper. ( 俗稱的‘超級白‘臉。哈哈 )
Thanks to all the running and the medicine.


  1. 这个应该叫称职或专业吧?

  2. Dannyyyy!!
    Thanks for your help today down at Pavilion!! Didn't know you were sick! I hope you enjoyed yourself and didn't tire yourself out too much!

    Anyway, go check out his 2 other works if you can! One is at the food street beneath the cinema and the other one is at Mooks Store! Otherwise, I can send you the pics. Let me know!


  3. yuan..這叫做‘賤骨頭‘哈哈。

    OMG..i shld not blog nonsense abt u guys from now on liao..hahaha
    will definitely check out the other Pavilion is like my 2nd ;)

  4. bro, u r pro la, coz u was sick. they not pro la, coz they still scold u when they got to know u r sick :p

  5. jen..cos very hard to find last minute replacement instructor la...i oso dun like ppl call me to replace class last minute..

  6. wahh...你的脸真是超级白。


  7. Hai... I am sick since Sunday also. I skipped work today, can't take it.

    Take care of yourself!

  8. wayne...long time no see wo ;p

    legolas...seem like "Falling Sick" is the latest trend now...guess we are some trendy

  9. Danny,

  10. dcsl...sudah graduate from web knitting course? ;p
    it's just a bit too busy these few pien..cari makan ;)

  11. cup rocking ... didn't know such a thing existed. Very cool! Should introduce it to all the schools and have them make more interesting fences.

  12. some of the school tried to be artistic but sticking the aluminium cans on their fences ;)
    btw..empress...siapa ya?
    welcome ..

  13. win-ni's friend. we did gerald's show together a couple times. Callista.

  14. Lisssss'a8/5/08, 11:22 AM

    Blek! Lesson 2 u....Strongly advise u 2 'sick' professionally next time....

  15. dannyy...

    what's there to blog nonsense about us? aren't we nice people to you?! ahaha..

    if you want to find the other pieces, they are now located together at the eateries stretch.. beneath the cinema and the overhead bridge area...

    anyway, hope you are getting better!


  16. calista...hi, i remember u ;) hows life? still doing show? comment..i'm so honoured ;p

    nellie...haha, just joking la..u guys are definitely nice and fun to work with :)


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