Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dream a (not so) little dream of me

Time to share my dreams with you guys again...

Dream # 1 :
Me and my sis were at a lake doing some research a la National Geographic ( dunno why, cos never interested in Bio and Geography ;p ). Suddenly a big gigantic BUAYA appeared from the lake and start chasing us, i mean ME! I ran away as DRAMATIC as possible ( run, shout and over-the-top facial expressions at once ). And when i turn back, that BUAYA look like a human being with white sharp teeth. Just like the one i saw in "Quarantine" movie trailer.....

Dream # 2 :
I was driving and wanted to go to some place. I am very familiar with that place. But the problem is, i can never got the correct junction to turn in. Always lost or missed the turning at the T junction and round-a-bout. It took me few times before i can get to the right place. Very pikchik.... ( but this is not only happening in dreams la.. real life also more or less the same, hehehe.. quite bad in direction ;p )

Dream # 3 :
Someone was chasing me... again. This time, the venue is in a building. I ran using the staircase, from ground floor to 10th floor. Then down again. I swing from bar to bar when i jump down, very artistic gymnastic-like.... ( as if i'm doing Madonna's 'Jump' MV...only without the spotlights....
The result is, my whole body is so tired and aching when i write this entry......
By the way, i also saw Faye Wong doing catwalk in one of my dream. She was wearing a black halter neck bareback long gown, with classic make up and hairdo. Haha.....


See, i always stay at home but got so many exciting experiences as compared to those who always go out. Free one lagi... hahahaha


  1. alot of chasing scenes..

  2. dream 1 - buaya??? i think somebody wanna chase after ur properties or money. So better becareful of thieves.

    dream 2 - means u r confuse abt ur life in the real world

    dream 3 - means u might have big changes in ur job... if up mean good, down means bad~

    faye's dream - u think too much la~ go back to sleep :P

  3. i think u r too pressure.. may b depress?
    all u need to do is jz relax :)

  4. whatever the dreams hint you, just want to say that you are not having quality sleep - that means you need to relax your mind lor, adik~~

  5. Re you pondering wad i pondering danny???



  6. Some very odd dreams :0 You should have them interpreted.

  7. wayne .. u know me well. attention.. hahaha

    leumas .. ur explanation is so creative. but to my surprise, it's almost TRUE based on my current situation ;(

    shin .. no time to rest le..

    sk .. any other suggestion for gettng quality sleep besides relax?

  8. ian .. i rather take over my bed !

    savante .. i'm not a believer in fengshui or any kind of prediction or tarod need to know the truth or future, just believe more in myself :)

  9. Lissss'a11/21/08, 12:46 PM

    which sis were running together in ur night mare?

  10. Dream 1: Someone wanna "buaya" u perhaps.

    Dream 2: Time to get a map or GPS.

    Dream 3: about kamasutra next time. Hehe.

    And the Faye Wong, may I join your dream next time? I miss her too.

  11. You really damn geng. Still can remember your dreams so clearly wan wor. Until can write story. Really can't remember a thing at all when i get up although i knew that i had a crazy dream.... Is thr a memory card in your head? Can record and can save? WOW~~~~~ :P

  12. Lisa .. dun b disappointed cos its not u.. its jen la

    KeenYee .. hmm. shall i write to Santa that i need a GPS this year? .. yeah.. another Faye lover :))

    Vel .. no memory card.. cos u will only remember ur dream when u dun have quality sleep ;(


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