Friday, November 14, 2008



Found this clip while reorganizing my old files. The clip was made few years back. Those were my friends/ex-colleagues. The performance is for the Staff Performance Contest for their Annual Dinner ( again, but for another company ), themed FASHIONISTA. We got 3rd place .

I know it's always fun to watch your friends performing on stage. But it is funnier to see them behind the stage. So, i'm going show you how awkward, funny and blurr they were. It was recorded at my house as i was the choreographer for the show. The whole thing is quite DRY, without lightings and costume. Enjoy :)
( 2 person were absent, in case you see there's some moment with nobody )

Shasha, Agnes, Wendy, Karena, Diana, Miguel & Amy, I love you guys & please don't scold me. I know you guys enjoyed it very much . :)


  1. not bad wor, especially the lady in the center, she looks very pro!!

    hmmm, next time when meeting you up, must detect whether you brought any camera with you first.. haha!!

  2. next time u come to my place, i must sapu after u leave just in case u left any hidden camera...

  3. omg.. only 1 guy? that's weird.

  4. sk .. thats y she is at the centre..DIVA

    shinji .. soli, not interested..

    wayne .. another one can't make it..thats y..

  5. Wahahahaha... That guy... reallllllly cute!!!!!!!



  6. Oh...thats d performance that i told you that night "You can win number 1"....izzit?

  7. AM .. concentrate on the dance please..

    ck .. got meh? will post the actual performance later

  8. Oh...make sure not that particular one.....'The Mummy'....until Eco Park keep teasing me on know who la...

  9. ck .. u r safe, cos i dun hv the video of that performance..

  10. Wat a relief now.....'The Mummy' shall be hidden and remain secret....:p


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