Monday, November 17, 2008

Something to die for ...

Went to hardware shop to buy something just now. While waiting for the staff to get my things, i just browse some of the tools on the shelf. Suddenly something caught my eyes. There is a very "outstanding" packaging box on the shelf. A rather different one. It was a tile-cutter. But what is so special about the cutter?

It caught my attention because the packaging image is a sexy lady pretending to cut the tiles. Don't you think that is so SALAH? Cos normally they'll have the image of the tool on the box. Not some sexy lady which have nothing to do with the tool. Obviously their target market is those 痳瘌佬contractor.

Now, if this is an effective way to attract 痳瘌佬 buyer, can i propose something? These proposal is for those coffin seller. Next time do a poster of a sexy lady wearing lingerie. Then ask the lady to sleep in the coffin, feeling sexy. I think there will a lot of those hamsap Ah Pek 'dying' to buy the coffin from you. You happy, they happy. How? My proposal boleh jalan or not?


  1. well, i'd say to target at more people, you should propose not only sexy ladies, but also sexy men lor.. hahahaha!! 一係唔做, 一做就要做單傑嘅~~ :p

  2. agree with sk very muchy!! must target everyone mar...

  3. sk & shinji .. to target female customer, very easy.
    no need picture.. just put a big sign:

    SALE or 50% OFF or BUY 1 FREE 1

    that shall do the

  4. if you need more 'Special' Idea to propose the coffin
    you should ask Ooby LOL!

  5. the idea of coffin is great. when old uncles see that, i m sure they will need the product immediately (non-stop nose bleeding)..

  6. To die for coffin =P lol~ that hot chicks tool box gal does look sexy. lol~

  7. some kind of promotion -.-"

  8. Yoh... Danny... good one on the Ladies attention lor. I cannot stop laughing on your sentence la. Damn beh tahan lei. Really kanasai (but true lor)..... Hehehehe!!!

  9. marcus .. i know how 'poisonous' he is ... LOL

    wayne .. keep bleeding, keep keep bleeding, love...

    ian .. but don't you think it's very SALAH?

    leumas .. interested?

    vel .. thank you for appreciating my 'SAI'...hahahaha

  10. hahaha... very creative and funny... ;D


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