Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My inspiration...

I'm tired and my mind is totally blank. The war will begin in 10 hours. Wish me luck.

Meanwhile, just enjoy the song that i'm planning to teach in the coming class. I think it's very rich and inspirational. But some find it very irritating. Different people different taste, and i know, mine is definitely better. LOL
( By the way, Dior used it for their Haute Couture show )

I know it's not the original MV. Don't complain, just listen ! ;p


  1. the music composition is not bad, but i really don't like the arrangement, too rich already laa, trying to put hiphop, rap, aboriginal and techno together, OMG, i cannot digest~~

  2. Wuah sounds like Jungle song + a bit of tibet + some hip hop + a salt of indian + little RnB + 5 cents of african. So how u gonna dance it our yah? Really feel like seeing ur war lei. BUt u so far... Tape it and show us la....

  3. Hmm... so so lor.. When u free to come out yum cha?

  4. leumas .. my projects la...

    sk .. digest part by part, maybe u will enjoy it when you know the dance step ;)

    vel .. it's fusion lo...fell in love with it the 1st time i heard it in a saloon..

    chris .. ur phone a bit hard to call le....


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