Sunday, November 2, 2008


Just confirmed a freelance job on Friday. It's to train a group of staff to perform in their Annual Dinner in December. This is actually my second year working with them. Cos i think they are satisfied with my work last year. We got second place in the competition. Hopefully this year will be better, with the new staffs, new theme, new concept and NEW BUDGET. Hahaha.

The clip below is my teams' performance last year. I think they were considered very good, despite the fact that they are STAFF, not dancers.

The rehersal for this years' performance will start on Tuesday. Will show you the result of their hardwork later. Hopefully with a better prize. :)


  1. omg... good job!!!

  2. apalah? this video is no long available ???

  3. wayne .. staff onli le.... no need so strict.. very proud of them

    leumas .. says who?

  4. 唔错,唔错,娱乐性丰富,果然系名师出高徒。

  5. chris .. MAS annual dinner you want to perform? i can help...hehehe

  6. Teacher is good and excellent ma so thats y very high demand and get the same job again and again....Congratulate when to belanja seafood?

  7. ck .. dun say like that, later ppl think i lansee..
    seafood, go pyramid/ times square help urself la ;p


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