Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Run Big Mouth, Run ~

I am very tired at this moment. Why? Cos i have not been having quality sleep for quite sometime. I normally dream when i sleep. But the dreams have been quite tiring for the past few nights.

Night 1 :
Back to my secondary school - doing CROSS COUNTRY. And guess what? I was in the top 3. Can you imagine how FAST i ran?

Night 2 :
Somewhere in Bukit Bintang. I left my wallet in the cab. So i have to CHASE the fast moving cab. I think i ran from Lot 10 to Loke Yew. On top of that, i have to SHOUT!

Night 3 :
Secondary school as well. Busy organizing activity for my club. Or is it open day? Can't remember. Cos too many scenes CRISS-CROSSING.

Can anyone tell me if that means something?

Apa nak jadi hidupku ini,
Siang menari, malam berlari,
Mental letih separuh mati.
Tapi body tetap berisi.


  1. Wow... how fast can your life be?? it means that you have used up lots of energy to sleep. Sleeping time is leaving urself in peace and thinking about running all sort of stuff will drain ur energy more. try to take a long hot bath, and mayb nice hot chocolate. that'll put u to sleep.. worst come to worst.. sleeping pills. :P

  2. Kesian GJ asyik mimpi
    Mimpi tak sedap asyik berlari
    Kalau letih itu semesti
    Sebab beribu sel sudah mati.........

    Daily life.. U think too much..
    That's why at night..
    They haunt you and you have to RUN!

    Okok.. I just merepek!.. =P


  3. dunno what your dreams hint you, but i can say, even reading what u did in the dream, i feel exhausted already.. :p

  4. too much running. time to get quality relaxing time.

  5. ian .. i think only MONEY can cure my sickness ;p

    AM .. memang pun

    sk .. berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu yang memikulnya

    wayne .. 你咕我唔想咩?

  6. 神婆来解梦啦,如果以你诉说的那几个梦。那证明最近你的工作运挺好的,总之事业运很旺。好好珍惜这段时间~

  7. Abang, I have same situation continuously for 3 weeks last month. After all, I found that the best way to cure it, definately not SLEEPING PIL. Dont ever try that, whenever people mentioned about sleeping pil, I think of Ah-Ta, he cant even wake up the next day and then keep sleeping til he go to another world.

    Best way is, go for Yoga class. And you must follow strictly to their in-hale, ex-hale.. stop your 5,6,7,8 at night la and change to in-hale - ex-hale :p

    or listen to MyFM, Bowie Lum will teach you how to kap hei, fu hei, zoi kap hei.... hahahhaha..

  8. Ooby .. sure or not? ;p

    Jen .. i dun even hv to to rest, u think i got time for Yoga ah?

  9. run properly... dun run into hell

  10. CAN get back the wallet finally?

  11. leumas .. dun worry, i'll bring u along if i go there ;p

    chris .. no wo...cos i rather get back my sleep lo...

  12. Sounded so busy even in your dreams. :)

  13. keenyee .. i always wanted a busy life, but not like this ;(

  14. I m trying to imagine how fast you can run leh.....still thinking n imagine....shouting....OMG....ppl on the street must be thinking this fella is acting or chasing some thiefs...???


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