Sunday, December 19, 2010

2010 : Mission Last

I've been extremely busy for the past few weeks. And bcos of that, i cancelled lots of classes and skipped the workout session in gym. Therefore, i'm now out of shape.

My dada dah kecut, my pinggang dah kembang and my bontot .. dah entah ke mana.

Therefore, i sort of set a last personal goal/ mission for myself for this 2010 ~ " to get back in shape when the new year comes. and if possible, to lose 2 to 3 kg as well. ;p "

Went to the supermarket to stock up the fitness cereals and low fat milk ( someone told me that it is really effective, at least for him la ). So, hopefully everything will be as what i planned and you'll see a more gorgeous me in 2011. Insyaallah.

Last call! Last call!
There's still 2 more weeks to go till the end of 2010. Anything that you would like to do / achieve before that?


  1. i keep repeating the same new year resolution every year, guess this is just so not right huh??

  2. aiyo... I wish to gain my weight to 60 kg... >.<

    add oil together lor...

    Merry Christmas n Happy New Year

  3. Yerrrr, you really obsess with the idea of 'gam fei'!
    Anyway, we have to look very vo-gue in Pareeeeee....

  4. Still remember me?long time didnt came to ur blog to visit u....

  5. eh, let me knw if the fitnesse works or nt lor. hahaha

  6. Gambate Danny! Long time no hear from you... Merry Christmas to you and hope u achieve your goal~ =)

  7. I am also curious to hear whether Fitnesse works?? You where got fei chai? Only your mouth is bigger. LOL

  8. sk .. err.. its either u have to really work harder, OR just change ur new year resolution ;p

    blind .. i wish to drop my weight to 60kg.. u add oil la.. i need to leak ;p

    yasmin .. where got obsessed? must look slim ma.. if not no market lerr.

  9. stacey .. of cos i remember la.. stacey the nurse ma :)

    bong .. still on trial period la.. but i think its working a bit la , so far :))

  10. ian .. u add oil too la.. merry xmas n dun forget to call me the next time u r here :)

    twilight .. thats bcos i pandai cover my tummy ma.. ;p

  11. set another unrealistic new year resolution again?


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