Wednesday, December 22, 2010

it's the season ..

Yup. Not only it's the holidays season, but the season where people send FORWARDED SMS/MMS to others as well. I started to received those SMSes this morning, and it's from one of my aunt. I was like, hokay .. it's finally here.

Honestly, i do not like to send forwarded SMS cos i think it's more sincere if you type the SMS yourself, be it a long poetic or just a short one. So people, don't be surprise or upset if you forwarded some SMSes to me and didn't get any response from me. Cos i just won't, unless .. i'm interested in you. LOL ;p

So, are you the one who ...
likes to forward 'cute n meaningful' SMSes, OR
don't really care about them, just like me? :)



  1. I didn't receive any SMS except a long SMS from my client. Not wishes but requesting me to accomplish the job by tomorrow :(

    Dear Client, get a life please...

  2. Last time I also want to post about this topic...I also same with you, forward smses is that important? If me, I will forward back the smses to that friend. It is just like "sistem barter"~

  3. OMG! I totally same like you, I dun even read finish the forwarded SMSes and never reply. Just so annoying, opsss :P

  4. The telco providers love the festive seasons...

  5. i didn't really bother abt them too... but depends la, if really nice then i'll keep lor. :P

  6. oh, i have not received any such SMS woh.. maybe i never respond, or perhaps am not popular and nobody likes me anymore, hahaha!!

  7. Same here. That's why I 'create' my own sms instead of forwarding. Is that the reason you revert to me?

  8. tz .. luckily i dun get those.. cos my clients all busy;p

    zidane .. send bacj the same sms? very 'poison' horr? but i dun want to waste money

    kokhua .. same la same la.. i just read the name.. then ;p

  9. william .. i think so.. they shld be very the happy when the line got jammed close to

    bong .. i won;t know whether the sms is nice or not.. cos won;t have chance to finish them ;p

  10. sk .. dun feel bad .. u want issit? i'll forward one sms to u close to new year..;p

    yasmin .. i replied cos just being polite .. dun worry, m not interested in u///;p


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