Sunday, December 26, 2010

我。LALA 。嗎?

It was the annual Christmas eve party with the gang. And the theme this year is : LALA. This is my 'Red Carpet' look, taken in a " home studio". Very cheap horr? I think i am the most 'up-to-date' lala among them, cos i have my Lady Gaga shoulder pads and Disney Tron's light strip on my shirt. LOL.

So, you think ada cukup LALA?

Pics with the so-called LALA celebs...

FYI, i lost my Best Dressed title to Ms Lai by just 1 vote. But it's ok, cos i voted for her as well.

I think we are a bunch of really serious people. Cos right after the countdown and the gifts exchanged, we immediately sat down and discuss on the next year's theme. Last year was OTT ( 浮誇 ) and this year is LALA. And we can't decide what theme to set for next year. Some wanted to do 70's, or 80's and maybe drag as your favorite artiste.
Any suggestions? Must be fun and hilarious and cukup MEMALUKAN !!

Happy Christmas and have a wonderful New Year ahead. :)

p/s : i posted the LALA song at side bar to get you into the mood while reading this post. LOL ;p


  1. Me no likey the hair extension!

  2. wah, become "green head boy" woh, geng!!! all the old lala, all the 1000-year lala, all come out from the underwater.. hahahahaha!!!

  3. Super ferging lala the fringe... blessed x'mas and happy new year anyway..

  4. Wowow~ It's really a great & amazing La-La party!
    Merry Christmas!

  5. Ah Shun Jeh looks more like an angmoh than lala mui leh...

  6. damn kau lala betul

  7. beh tahan! ur body not hot meh?

  8. dare you post their pics, i thought i heard that pics at the party are suppose not to be exposed.

  9. I love it especially while put the light on it.

  10. william .. its common for class people like us dun like the extension ;p

    sk .. its actually yellow spray.. but dunno how come everyone say its green..

    eric .. u like the fringe? ;p

  11. ms lai .. i'll try to beat u next happy new year :))

    alan .. err.. maybe she just dun hv to lala quality la.. not like me lorr ;p

    ck .. why? u like issit? ;p

  12. bong .. hot gah hot gah .. i only on the light for photo shoot.. after that str away took it off and stand next to the ;p

    alive .. IN lerr? i'm sure i'll get the IDOL title if i go to sg ;p

  13. justin .. dun worry.. i've already apply for permission before take pic with them :)

    kokhua .. very dramatic kan? lol :)


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