Monday, December 27, 2010


So below are the gifts that i received ( so far ) for Christmas.

GAGA book, picture holder, socks, shade, t-shirt, CD folder, etc. Most of them are useful to me, except ONE thing. This is the gift that i got for gift exchange in the party.

Ladies and gentlemen ... 一巴梳 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That was exactly what i said when i unwrapped the gift in front of everyone. And btw, the comb was voted one of the WORST Christmas gift at the party!

So, what's the first thing you'll say if you happy-happy unwrap a gift that you just got from the gift exchange and found out that it is a COMB?


  1. Use it to comb your pubic hair. XD

  2. haiz, sometimes i'm a bit worry about what i'm gonna get for gift exchange also.. first thing i very don't like is chocolates.. very not sincere lor, and somemore finish eating already means nothing left.. not good not good..

  3. 其实梳还可以接受啦,比我收到那些很没有诚意的好很多!

  4. OMG... how can it's a comb.
    neither me can accept that lo..
    did u ask the person y is it comb but not shampoo? =.=!!

  5. sandalwood comb, also good for scalp massaging, promoting blood circulation.

  6. Danny......

    Mahal wooo that comb..... kekekekekeke frame it la....put on hall of fame (kelas uols.....)

  7. william .. is that ur hobby? ;p

    sk .. haha .. chocolate oso one of the winner for WORST gift that night ;p

    alan .. err.. giving hint issit? dun worry.. ur gift this year confirm RUBBISH.. cos no time to select la ;p

  8. eunice .. she went back before we unwrapped the gift.. or else sure we'll scream at her ;p

    justin .. or maybe she can predict that i will have hair lost problem very soon.. so she give me the comb lo..;p

  9. nas .. frame it up and put at living room kan? when ppl ask just say ;p

    bong .. the explanation for comb is for smooth everything.. career, love, family.. thats all that i am 'buying' ;p

  10. now that i looked carefully at ur christmas present... A|X shades wei... so expensive one ur xmas present. :P

  11. may b dat fella think u need to comb your hair more regularly?

  12. bong .. aiya.. they are with 60 % or 70% discount la.. Y.E.S. ma... ;p

    ck .. u know me for so many years.. u think i got comb my hair one or not? ;p


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