Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I have to give some credit to this recep girl at Celebrity Fitness, Wangsa Walk Mall. She is very cheerful, polite and friendly, to all the guests. I think she basically greet and compliment everyone that step in and out of the gym.

I was there to return my towels after the class.

" Hi sir, how was your workout? "

" Good, but tiring la. "

" That's great. Meaning you burned lots of fat. See you next time. Enjoy your day."

" Thank you. You too. "

She is so friendly till an unfriendly person like me also feel guilty if i don't response to her. Sometimes i wonder how come people got so many GOOD things to say? Cos if i am the recep, i think i'll just use my standard for lines lorr...

" Hi sir."

" Nah, here's your towels."

" OK Bye. "

LOL. ;p

So you think you can be a good receptionist?


  1. ohh this one i have to tell you, your biaomei was a very very good receptionist in London okay? :D

    seriously, the principal came down to wish me well before i leave! and so many flowers and chocolates....

    i enjoy life being a receptionist...also, one of my xmas card for the employees were "it was such bliss to see such smiley and happy face in the coldest winter.."

    okay enough of actioning....you are still sweet enough, spicy most of the time....Tobasco!

  2. ohh... coz they have sort of The Best Customer Service Award thingy..

  3. I think I could do an insincere fake smile. :P

  4. i do none. in fact, if i were the one to get the towels, i show a sulky face. *eew so smelly wan me to touch*

  5. will the good service extend to... "sir, since we are sending our towels to the laundry service, we don't mind if your gym clothes want to be added into the pile."


  6. i can be a drama queen if i want to :)
    But i think if you enjoy what you are doing, then naturally smile appears on your face :)

  7. ergh... win-ni, my dream job is receptionist...

  8. oohh... i love cheerful, polite and friendly staff who give good service to customer.
    n i think tis kind of good attitude should be rewarded.
    i will greet her back or tell the supervisor tat the staff is so nice. ^^

  9. win-ni .. i rather sit at cashier counter than recep counter lo.. at least i will smile when i see money ;p

    paul .. i know.. but surprisingly she is not the winner from that branch...

    william .. faking smile oso something that i am very good at.. ;)

  10. bong .. but i think towels from ur patients are even worse lorr... can tahan ? ;p

    justin .. dun pretend pretend .. u just want to see what they are wearing inside rite ;p

    sherry .. agree agree.. cos when i dance.. the smile is genuine one.. no need to force :)

  11. yasmin .. u cannot la.. later u ask too many details before pass the line ;p

    eunice .. tell the supervisor? i won;t la.. but if got those feedback form then i'll write la


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