Friday, December 17, 2010

i am so talented ( lol ;p )

See this pic below? Yeah, i made the top corset. It's one of the costume for the annual dinner show. I bought those LED strip from Pudu and attached it on the top. It's actually very nice and dramatic, especially on stage.

Now, i might be attending a Christmas party next Friday. And the theme is : LALA ( haha, i am no stranger in this category at ;p ) Do you think it's LALA enough if i wear something like this ( of cos not the spaghetti top and skirt la, duh ) to the party? Got chance to win BEST DRESSED or not?

Anyone need help with their Christmas party costumes?


  1. DRAMA NYA~~~ that red lil' dress will show off your legs pretty well ;)

    p/s: your christmas song gave me a fright! tiba tiba jer, coz i have my speaker on loud~

  2. are you too over excited?......

  3. Wah, really dramatic.
    It runs on battery right? How long can the battery last?

  4. of course, with that costume you not even beat the 啦啦 but also the 屎蚶~~ :D

  5. you were an ex-lala lar okay?

  6. OMG! You gonna wear that? Blink my lashes!... ~ faintz ~

  7. bong .. of cos not.. it's xmas party la.. not ;p

    frog .. glad u got my xmas ;p

    zidane .. over excited? definitely .. i've been waiting for this day to come since last xmas :))

  8. chuckie .. yup.. using battery that will last for about 5 hours.. getting the same for ur xmas party?

    william .. ahaha.. i just saw the trailer.. ada sikit sama horr? ;p

    sk .. thats not enough la.. cos i'm sure there will be a lot of oyster at that party...ahahaha ;p

  9. winni .. once a lala, always a lala.. its in my blood la..

    twilight .. lala always like attention ma.. got attractive enough bo?

  10. Wow! My mannequin that tumpang for ages in your apt still looking so bling bling???!!! Hhahahahahaha!!! Thanks for appreciate her so much!!! :)

    It's a pity we can't meet up when I am back to malaysia for cny! Will call you once I get a prepaid sim card!


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