Sunday, December 12, 2010

what you want?

All the Christmas VM madness is going to an end ( THANK GOD ). So now i can concentrate on the next project ( CNY 2011 ), also the MOST IMPORTANT EVENT OF THE YEAR ~ CHRISTMAS SHOPPING.

As much as i really like to buy gifts for my friends and those who are really good and helpful to me, i always need to crack my head thinking of what gifts to get for them. It's really a BIG knowledge, cos it just show how much you understand them. Cos the main thing is to make them happy when they receive your gifts.

Then, i am still clueless on how to do my Christmas wrapping this year. I got so many ideas that i can't decide which one to go with. Will share with you guys once i decide how to wrap my gifts this year. :)

Sometimes i think it's easier to buy gifts for strangers , or someone that you are not close with. At least you don't really have to worry if they like your gifts or not. Ada betul? ;p


  1. betul sangat.
    now wif those very close one, we agreed to offset each others present in case we buy salah present to each others.
    adv: wont waste money & spoil mood. =P
    diadv: tak ada christmas feel lo..^^

  2. agreed!!! Yet, I 'm not get use to buy gift for frz around me oso =)

  3. Can just walk into a RM5 shop and take, take and take.

  4. Haha, didn't realize I know you for more than 1 year plus jor! I still remember we exchanged birthday gifts and got your xmas present as well. Sekarang you dah vogiu sampai takde masa nak entertain I already.

    Merry Xmas Danny. You're always someone that I will remember who shares the same birthday as me. :)

  5. 主要的是你的心意,我相信朋友收到你的礼物都会很开心的!

  6. betol sangat. i very easy only one, if dunno wat to give, cash vouchers lor. :P memang kena tembak la, but at the end of the day i think t's the most practical one lor. buy all those plush toys or deco items in the end also chuck at one side. cloths also dunno can fit not. perfume lor, but i dont wear one. so... haha.

  7. Betul betul betul..........

    Danny, You my fren kan..... lets go to PARIS...... *larikkkk*

  8. Yeah go to 100 Yen stores and get Japanese goods! I don't mind a drinking bottle!

  9. 很久很久都没礼物收了。。。昨天有位FB的朋友说要我的地址,准备寄卡给我!

  10. eunice .. ya wor ya wor.. this year really no Xmas mood wor.. maybe too busy with xmas job till numb liao :(

    olive .. i like to buy gifts for them.. but just a bit hard to shop for them :(

    william .. err.. won;t do that.. n will slap my fren if they do that on me ;p

  11. freedom .. merry xmas to u too.. trust me.. u r not the only one that i hv no time to get in touch with ;p

    khai .. but i prefer to see them happy ( genuine ) when unwrap my gift lo

    bong .. actually that is a very practical gift... i dun mind.. :)

  12. nas .. get in the line please ;p

    twilight .. just try to get gifts that match the person :)

    single .. enjoy ur xmas then :)


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