Thursday, December 9, 2010


I am currently teaching a bunch of GMs to do an opening gambit for their annual dinner. Sometimes it's a bit difficult to handle them, cos most of them are 'not young'. Very hard to explain to them what is counting, what is showmanship and what is " DON'T TALK WHILE YOU ARE DANCING" !!!

I think i've been quite patient with them, till one day. I really beh tahan and i raise my voice at them ( so berani kan? raise my voice at the GMs, lol ;p ) :

Everyone, please remember you position and steps. Concentrate. Listen carefully to the music. Do not rush. WHEN YOUR TIME IS UP, YOU GO !!! "

Alamak. I realized that the last sentence sound so salah, as if i am cursing them to go die. I quickly apologized to them. Luckily not everyone realized my mistake, cos they were still busy talking to each other ! ( sweat )

I am seriously thinking of going for English tuition. So that i can save myself from more embarrassment in the future. Should i?


  1. haha !
    YA...teach uncles and aunties even harder then teach young children...

    but i am still imagine how are u going to scold them ask them Diam Diam ....
    sure will be very funny

  2. no need to go tuition, just watch all the available dramas that BBS have. :p

  3. Haha~I think this got nothing to do with your's just thinking ahead before you talk : )

  4. lol... they didnt even heard u maybe

  5. you GO ? so direct translation lei.....
    beh tahan lei..... but then danny, its better then say Im Miss Contingency while do the Miss Miss wave and thinkin that She is Miss Congeneality.

  6. life is so dull & boring...
    those funny & 'embarrassment' can spice up a lil bit...
    tat's ur style & keep it ! XD

  7. haha~ all the comments to ask you watch TV... true but don't simply watch ya... gansta and mafia movies don't watch wor, later your scoldings even more ganas! haha and also porn dont help too, too little dialogues...

  8. 哈哈……they wont care so much already lar at that level.....XD

  9. yes, you should improve your english....


  10. Need to go for tuition meh? I believe your English is not that bad, right?

  11. Come to my home and I teach you English!

  12. wei wei.. sure kah? i was thinking about it also. we can go together-gether lor!

  13. matthew .. cannot scold at all la.. cos if i scold oso they dun care one ;p

    justin .. BBs? u r kidding rite? later i sound like british . very kau kau punye pelat ;p

    jessyca .. maybe.. maybe should slow down my talking system.. lol

  14. bong .. i think so la.. if not sure i kena scold back ;p

    nas .. err.. i'm a bit lost i translation... what u talking ahh?

    william .. i watch a lot oledi.. and most of them very dramatic n bitchy one.. cannot use those words on them la ;p

  15. eunice .. never thought than embarrassment can be a style... ;p

    single .. ya lor... but dun care la.. as long as they pay ;p

    fable .. i know i know.. thats y i said my tv programes won;t help in that ;p

  16. keo .. ya lo.. when u r higher .. u care less ...;(

    terence .. u shut up n sit quiet quiet ;p

    yuan .. no la.. just wish to improve my PR skill

  17. twilight .. u teach? i scared la.. u so fierce on.. later all the kaninia come ;p

    kristen .. later the teacher oso faint see ;p


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