Monday, December 6, 2010

i can CAN CAN !!!

As promised, here's the videos of the competition for your bitching purpose.;p

All we have to do is do the "knee up and kick" routine ( similar to can can dance ). And the last person standing to win the ticket for 2 to Paree with 5 days 4 nights accommodation.

Top 4
Here's the clip of us, Top 4 after the first set ( 15mins ) and 2 minutes break ...

Pssst .. check out my calves. I think it's kinda sexy...hahahahahaha ;p

Top 2
The final battle between me and that cheerleader girl. Yasmin said i acted like LinDan as if i just won the badminton match. Got meh? p

BTW, that was Win-ni and Yasmin a.k.a. the commentator for the challenge. LOL ;p

Anyway, i am so glad that i still have the courage and stamina ( at this age ) to participate in this type of competition. And it's my biggest victory yet. :)

p/s : here's a clip from their facebook :)
( and btw, 5:45 is the close up of my calves.... so sexy ;p )


  1. 看似容易,不简单咧。

  2. wow danny , am so proud of U !!
    i should say 宝刀未老. =D
    Congratz.... ^^

  3. aiyoh, sure all the people there 成地眼鏡碎 lor, who would have expected this uncle to win?? haha, doing your own profession jeh right?? 濕濕碎 lah~~

  4. Will learn how to download video from my iphone, my video shows your SEXY calves clearer lei!

  5. hahahahhaha!!!
    the first video...yasmin like the "coach" of thai boxer.... "focus...focus..!" so funny!

    the second video very tak boleh lor!

    biaokho, now i think everyone wants to be your new best friend...muahahah...

  6. OMGGGGGGG!!!!!! You won a trip to Paris!!!!! OOOMMMGGGGGG!!!!!

    And you're really good! Hebat la!!

  7. proud of my uncle danny!!!!! lei hou geng ah suk suk!!!!!!!

  8. " aiyo... 个女仔快点死 "

    wah.. ur fren very 狠.

    good job~!

  9. wow~ you have so many supporter ... Congratulation :)

  10. congrates....salute...yvonne

  11. Congratulations!!! We are proud of you!

  12. hahahaha. :P congrats again! enjoy urself in pareeeeeeee!

  13. i particular love the comment " His legs are super straight and full of strength" dats the way to go Celebrity!

  14. need a lot of energy jek.......
    geng lar u! 佩服!!!

  15. Danny = Canny, congratssss!

  16. Congratzz!!! you really kick very hard, as if your shoes going to come off

  17. single .. yup.. not very easy actually.. need stamina and concentration :)

    eunice .. tqtq .. i 越老越辣 ma...hahaha

    sk .. but facing that young cheerleader oso a bit stress lerr.. cos she is YOUNG ma..

  18. yas .. yes.. fast fast go learn.. n send me our MV ;p

    winni .. both clips just showed the REAL U.. both of u...tsk tsk tsk ;p

    freedom .. tqtq.. n i'm glad that i joined the thing :)

  19. alan .. kamsia la.. u can too.. :))

    wayne .. yup.. thanks to her.. she 'died' on the ;p

    tz .. many? 2 onli ma.. but they sounded like satu kampung ;p

  20. sleepypig .. thanks :)

    yvonne .. tqtq .. but next time dun post it in ur fb worr...;p

    twilight .. thanks grandma .. lol ;)

  21. bong .. now dunno can go or not la.. cos the date very salah..:(

    ck .. my commentator really know how to 'sell' me horr? ;p

    keo .. luckily its kick.. cos i got no strength on my arms ;p

  22. sherry .. tq.. but canny sound so salah ;p

    nana .. its easier to kick hard than kick soft la.. :)

  23. Woohoo~
    c'mon danny~
    waaa, hou dai lik oh hui~
    congrats anyway...

  24. eirc .. haha.. those commentator very dramatic horr? tq anyway :))


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