Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I was at the saloon getting my hair cut. As usual, i'll wash my hair. And the shampoo boy was trying to PR with me. Asking me what do i do, where do i work, where do i stay, etc. At first it was still ok, but he is getting more and more annoying.

I told him i am teaching dance classes in fitness centre. Then he asked me a BONUS question :

" So you teach the people dance lah? "
( So, 你係嘪教個D人跳舞吤?)

I answered, " Yes."

But in my heart, " Of cos teach people lah, abothen? teach ghost ahh? "

Do you think it is very rude if i answer him like that? But that's the truth worr...lol ;p

SOrry lah, i really cannot tahan long winded person. ;(


  1. If he did not 'accidentally' spray your face with cold water means he was not offended lo. :P

  2. same situation for me when going to the yong tou foo restaurant in front of spectrum to have dinner. the lady boss kept on asking me a lot of questions how i meet my husband. so clever can find such a ang moh husband hor....how old is your son...bla bla bla.

    for the first time i cannot tahan too. because she never ask or talk to me before i left ampang in my life. gosh so bizarre...how can people be consider so smart just because they meet an ang moh husband?

    anyway, i don't like people that asking a lots of personel question when first time meet up too!!!

    you are super busy.....i call you twice but now i am back to graz. it is expensive to call you now. so maybe call you when i get to go to shanghai.....keep in touch!

  3. No lah.. If I were you, I'll answer that.

  4. but i think it's their job scope to PR with their customer and get acquainted lor.. maybe you're too passive so he has to ask stupid questions to keep the conversation going gua~~

  5. maybe he think u r teaching animal how to dance leh?

  6. Perhaps you came across to her as the chatty type.

  7. silence is golden... but maybe silence in this case, will stich his mouth up. :D

  8. william ... i think i will stone if he really does that.. dunno how to react ;p

    neo .. u called? soli lah.. my hp nowadays very gila liao..

    paul .. i'll make sure i won;t ask u soalan bonus when we meet next time ;p

  9. sk ..i prefer the stylist or the shampoo boy/girl to concentrate more on servicing lorr.. unlness i am the one who started the conversation ;p

    l .. i look like someone who work in the circus rite?

  10. ant .. i think so .. but i oledi hint very obvious using my face worr.. ;p

    bong .. u doctor can stitch anything ma.. ;p


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